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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Like a few other movies, 5 minutes into the movie I realize that I have seen this movie before. But what the heck, since I dont remember it anyway, might as well watch it. And it was frankly not that bad although lot of it did not make any sense.

Jackson, a blue haired, skinny LA poet works in a music store for his friend Sam, who owns the store. Jackson is infatuated with Billy, a guy whom he saw in an orgy party. One day he meets him but son realizes that he is into SnM with a famous singer for whom actually Jackson is writing lyrics. Meanwhile there is this good looking neighbor Derek, who seems to be completely in love with Jackson and keeps visiting the store just to look at him but obviously Jackson is completely clueless. One day he finds the courage and tells Jackson. They kiss but Jackson doesn't feel anything. Enters Jackson's cousin who is a typical straight guy. Jackson gets infatuated with him and seriously starts contemplating incest. But he is soon lured by one of his lesbian friends. A sudden twist happens in the story when San commits suicide and leaves a tape for Jackson mentioning that how much he loved him and since he knows he can never have him , he just doesn't want to live anymore. Jackson gets a shock by this and runs to Derek. He asks him if he still loves him. But when Derek asks does Jackson love him, he ays he can try and they hug. The movie ends soon.

So what was the whole point? I don't know. I think they were trying to depict that although you can be infatuated and think that you love some one but try to be compassionate for people who actually love you. There were no explanations given as to why everyone was all over Jackson. He was just some ordinary guy. A couple of full frontal nude shos was a good saving grace of the film. Acting wise it was strictly ok.

Neither exceptional but not completely awful. (5/10)

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