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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ice Blues : A Donald Strachey Mystery

I have loved Donald Strachey movies so far, so I was pretty excited to watch this one. This film is the fourth in series. I still have to watch the third one. These detective movies at least take you on a different path within gay community. The lead characters are still the same and its just another extension in their life.

Strachey’s relationship with his partner Timmy is not all well. Timmy complains about the facts that they can't do anything with friends or movies or vacations because of Strachey's late night detective assignments. Plus its dangerous and he cant sleep. Then Timmy’s pet charity, a local youth center, is threatened with closure over a lack of funds. Late one night in a parking garage a mysterious figure gives Timmy a three million dollar donation. He is later found killed. But this donation comes with some serious strings attached. Soon someone is trying to kill Tommy. Things start to go out of hand, Timmy “hires” Donald to find out who the money really belongs to. Soon they find out that Lehyman and Leyhman law firm is somehow involved and it was their black mony which they get from a local thug who makes child porn. The law firm supports them. The mysterious guy who gave the money to Timmy was actually grandson of the Lehyman who doesn't agree to anything wrong and has his conscious of his own. Turns out hat it was his own brother who killed him. Donald and Timmy are both drawn into a web of intrigue involving theft, murder, long-buried family secrets, and a child pornography ring. Meanwhile, Timmy himself gets a strong taste of the adrenaline rush that comes from being in the thick of things. “It’s amazing what’ll happen when your body wants to stay alive,” Donald tells him.

The best thing about the film as usual is the theme and nothing in your face. In the earlier series, the suspects have some gay connection but this one is very refreshing. Also we see see tender moments between the lead couple and their chemistry. I also like Strachey's assistant.

Overall a very good movie. A different genre. (7/10)

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