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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Endgame (UK)

Now this was disturbing movie and a lengthy one. The director definitely look a lot of liberties in the entire script and went along with it. The movie is strictly very ok.

Tom is a rent boy living in stunning flat somewhere London which is financed by his gangster lover/pimp Norris. Tom does little except sitting and smoking waiting for Norris to pop round, whiff a line of coke and start beating ten belts out of him. Then there is the cop Dunston who enjoys Tom from time to time. Soon Tom meets Max and Nikke , an American couple as their neighbors. For some inexplicable reason Max takes a shine to Tom and invites him round for dinner. Unfortunately when Tom returns hme, Norris is waiting for him. He gets upset and wants to torture Tom but Tom doesn't wanna take it and in a an accidental twist, Norris gets hurt and dies and turns up to his new friends for help. Conveniently they have a cottage out in the middle of nowhere in Wales where they can all flee. This turns out, luckily, to be quite handy as corrupt policeman Dunston is hunting Tom for some incriminating video tapes. Nikke and Tom get a liking for each other. Max returns home after a while but Nikke and Tom stay back and get in a relationship. Dunston gets hold of Max after he is back home, tortures him, gets information about Tom and then kills him. He reaches to that cottage, beats Nikke and Tom, Nikke dies but in the process also gets killed. The film ends with Tom's been shown as a rent boy for some caring old man.

We also get to see some background flashes from Tom's life which don't add much to the narration. Acting wise I think its pretty god except I wish Tom was shown more character. His character was very undeveloped. Others were ok but like I said it was lengthy movie and a lot more was desired from screenplay perspective.

Strictly an ok movie. (5.5/10)

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