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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bowser Makes A Movie

The premise sounded interesting. It started off as well too. But somewhere in the initial few minutes itself, it was going nowhere. It seemed that the people had a contrived script and they just decided to make a movie out of it.

Bowser is a young gay man who manages to get fired from all possible jobs that he ever manages to get. His accomplice in his is his friend JJ who is always with him. Bowser comes up with this brilliant idea to direct porn films to make money. His ex-military dada refuses. Bowser tries to sell his idea to a publishing firm telling that he will write a book for that and make a film but the company agrees for only the book part. The head of the company (a smart sexy young married man) has a soft spot for Bowser. Bowser manages to get some funding for his film by disguising as his father and mortgaging their house. He ends up losing that money. But JJ manages to get some money from a dangerous loan shark and they start the movie. Things dont go smooth as Bowser loses his publishing job, his parents find out about the mortgage and JJ realizes that he loves Bowser unconditionally. he film ends with all these people coming together at the place where Bowser is shooting for his film and Bowser tells them what he is doing and why.

Strictly ok acting by everyone with some over the top as compared to others, there was not much in the movie that did for me. Bowser was not so good looking that every one was falling for him. The only identifiable part was a young man not knowing what he wants to do in life.

Just time pass. You might be well-off not watching the film. (4/10)

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