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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Big Tease

The Big Tease is a surprisingly fun mocu-mentary movie about hairdressing as a competitive art form. My first exposure to such a genre and I cant decide if I like the genre itself. Maybe it will take time to get used to it. For this movie, it did not work for me.

Crawford Mackenzie is the up and coming gay hair stylist from Glasgow, Scotland who has received an invitation to compete in Los Angeles for the coveted "Platinum Scissors" award. Mackenzie is delighted and gets a documentary crew together to document the events. The first mishap to take place is the fact that his credit card has been maxed out, unexpected to Mackenzie because he believed the participants expenses were taken care of. Second, he finds out that he was not invited to compete, but to watch. Mackenzie takes it upon himself to earn his HAG card (Hairdressers of America Guild) so he can become eligible to compete. Stig Ludwiggssen is the main competition for Mackenzie and comes off as a pompous jerk. During all these events, he meets Candy who ends up being friends with him. She helps him in getting his HAG card an making sure he gets to at least participate in the competition. As anticipated, he ends up winning the competition.

Best part for me in the movie was the whole Scottish accent. I loved it. The actors did pretty well as far as acting is concerned. Where it failed for me was it felt a little stupid and it really didn't tickle my funny bone.

Probably could be given a miss. (3/10)

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