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Friday, August 29, 2008

Boys Briefs (Short story collection)

This movie was a collection of 6 short stories. Only 3 of them are worth talking about it. Rest three were weird and more like just fillers.

"The Absolution of Anthony" - Depicting a 16-year-old boy living with a Catholic grandfather in Bronx. Ups and downs of his life and how he deals.
"Smear" - Telling the story of a boy who is in love with a straight friend. (did not make any sense to me)
"Front Room" - An experimental short showing a gay physical relationship.(stupid.. very stupid)
"Fairy Tale" - Todd is visiting his family with his partner Eric to introduce to them. How his parents react and how it affects Eric's and Todd's relationship.
"Ferkel" AKA "Piglets" - Showing an old lady who tries to ruin a sexual encounter.(Funny yet stupid)
"Stanley Beloved" - Telling the story of a boy who, before going to study abroad, decides to spend a summer day with his best friend.

Fairy Tale, Stanley Beloved and to an extent Absolution of Anthony are the only ones worth talking about. Rest were just paper thin plots with little or no meaning at all.

A different experience for short films. Ratings for only decent short films in it. (5/10)

No One Sleeps

So I see a gay movie after such along time and boy was it a disappointment. I keep asking this question again and again. Why do people make movies, wen they clearly know that its not going to work.

A serial killer is haunting the gay bars of the city and is killing HIV positive young men. He paints the bodies of each of his victims with a red cross. A young gay East German medical student, Stefan arrives in the city for a medical congress and is following the trail of his dead father,who was investigating whether the HIV virus was an incremental result of secret human experiments that were conducted in US prisons in the seventies. Secret lists involving these biological experiments are rumored to have surfaced in San Francisco. Stefan begins to neglect his work and is drawn into San Francisco's gay club scene. More than once, Stefan crosses the serial killer's trail and he comes to the attention of Homicide Detective Louise Tolliver, the SFPD officer in charge of the investigation. The tough woman detective brings Stefan in for an interview. Duirng his cruising in clubs he becomes involved with the enigmatic Jeffrey who fits vague descriptions of the murderer. Its soon apparent that Jeffrey has been infected for year with HIV. Jeffrey doesn't believe in the signs of Stefan's feelings for him. Stefan wants to win Jeffrey's trust and affection, but to achieve that, he has to free Jeffrey from his own gay self-hatred. Detective Louise Tolliver seeks further contact with Stefan in order to open up new avenues in the case. Stefan blocks her out of distrust. Another murder is committed, and the trail of the victim leads to the neurologist Dr. Burroughs who has also treated Jeffrey in the past. Stefan's suspicion falls again on Jeffrey, who again pushes Stefan away. Then Stefan discovers that Burroughs is probably in possession of the secret government lists, and that Burrough's influence is by no means confined to San Francisco. But by this time Stefan is the hunted, just as Louise Tolliver begins to focus her investigation on him. Stefan senses the solution is near, but he knows that he can conquer the endless ritual of destroying and being destroyed only if he confronts heads-on the greatest dangers: Jeffrey, Burroughs, and his own darkest side.

Very abrupt acting and editing. The movie just keeps moving form one point to another leaving the viewer completely confused. To sum it up, this movie is BORING. (1/10)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Forgiving the Franklins

Another really bad movie. And after I saw the film, I read some of the reviews online and they were all good. It seems like when I sit to watch a movie, my viewpoint is totally different from what other's is.

The Franklins are Bible belt Christians: Frank's a lawyer, Betty's a homemaker focused on her children and her church, Brian is a senior who plays football, his younger sister Caroline is a cheerleader who thinks she's fat, prays often, and is impatient with God. When the family is in a car crash, all but Caroline are in a coma during which they see Jesus who removes their inhibitions and their piety. Awake and refreshed, Frank, Betty, and Brian discover their sexuality, their independence from Sunday worship and formal prayer, and the ability to talk frankly. Caroline - and her godmother, Betty's best friend, Peggy - are horrified. Ultimately they are forgiven by the community and they die in peace.

Weird story and a very weird treatment. Just because Brian realizes he is gay, does not make this movie fit under gay cinema. Acting was over the top and I could not understand the whole purpose be. Terribly disappointing. (2/10)

Six Degrees of Separation

This movie started off as an interesting movie but somewhere along it lost steam. There were so many unanswered questions, that I lost grip on the film after a certain time. Top of it, except the fact that Paul , the main guy gay, there was nothing else remotely close to being gay or anything for this movie. SO my review is going to be very short.

Paul wants to be rich and famous. In Ny art dealers Mr and Mrs Kittredge get a visit from Paul who claims to be their kids friend from school. He charms them with his mannerisms and everything. The next morning they find him having sex with a guy and they throw him out. Nothing from the house is stolen or taken. hats where they start telling the story to various people in the process finding out some hidden truths about him and how he was doing all this so hat he could just be known and recognized in the high society circle. For me personally they dont even explain why this film was called this because they never give any justification.

Wonderful performances by everyone was the only saving grace of the film. If they tried to keep the narrative simple, I probably would have liked it but like I said, somewhere down the line, the film lost my interest.

Watch it only for performances and something different. (5.5/10)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Liebe in Gedanken (Germany) [Love In Thoughts]

The movie started off very interesting. Very different, beautiful scenery and it seemed to be presenting something different. But then at some point it lost my interest just like that. The only one reason that I can think of is hat the film was slow paced. Furthermore all the characters were kind of grey and their character was not build properly.

The film starts with Paul being questioned about their suicide club where everyone died except him and the film goes in flashback. Paul and Gunther are best friends. Gunther is gay and Paul is virgin. They know it but still are close. Gunther invites Paul to spend the weekend at his parents house outside Berlin hoping Paul to introduce to his sister Hilde. Hilde is a free spirit who believes that it's ok for a woman to have several lovers at once but she's never looked at Paul that way. She is much more fascinated with Hans a boy from a much lower class who works in the kitchen of a restaurant/dance club that she and Günther frequent. Problem is Günther is also in love with Hans. Hans and gunther have some history which is not clearly explained. Paul is completely smitten by Hilde but fails to understand her behavior. They have a huge arty on the weekend at the house and Hans also ends up their. Their begins Hilde's and Gunther' quest for who can charm Hans. Somewhere along this, Gunther and Paul decide to make a suicide club based on the idea that we can be really happy only once in our lives and afterwards we're punished for that one moment of immense happiness by having the bitter memory of it. They decide that once this moment is over, they should kill themselves and the person who took them their happiness/love away, as well, before they feel miserable. So since Gunther is unable to win Hans and he sees him with his sister, he kills him and himself.

Apart from the fact that Gunther is gay , there is nothing else. I failed to understand what the director was trying to say with this movie. One thing is for sure, people who like o watch artistic and poetic cinema will leap up this movie but for others it can turn out to be a sore thumb. There was no unnecessary sex or nudity which was great. The cast acted well. I can't decide whether I liked it or hated it. I guess somewhere in between.

Recommended only for serious poetic cinema lovers. (5/10)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing Time on Maple Drive

Wow! This was such a great film. I like these kind of families where in they show interaction between members of the family and whats going on in their lives. The Family Stone was one such film which I absolutely loved. I had no idea what I was going to expect before I saw this movie but I was so happy that I saw this one. Most of us at some point would be able to relate to one or the other incident in the film.

The film starts with Lisa and Phil waiting for their son Matt's visit with his fiance Allison. Their daughter Karen also comes in for vacation with her husband Tom. They also have another son Tim who has alcohol issues. Lisa and Phil dote on Matt and he is their perfect kid. SO they want everything perfect for his visit. The film keeps going showing various interactions between members of the family. They show how all kids are so bound by what their parents want from them. Karen and Tom want to have a baby but Karen always makes excuse. But the real reason is that she is afraid her parents would not approve of her having a kid considering Tom does not earn very well. During all these times whenever anyone mentions Kyle, Matt's best friend at a time, Lisa and Matt change the subject. Tim on the other hand has always been n the receiving end of his father. He tries his best but his father is never happy and Tim ends up drinking often. Well the worse happens and one day Allison finds out that Matt is probably gay. She finds a letter in Matt's coat written by Kyle to him. She dumps him and goes back to her home. Matt does not have courage to tell his family the truth and lies to them that she had some urgent work. He attempts to commit suicide, ends up in hospital after accident where Kyle visits him but just leaves flowers and goes. When he recovers and reaches home, his mom is crying because she has a letter from Allison on how she is sorry for everything. LIsa wants to know what is going on. Matt loses it and says that he will tell exactly what is going on. Mom already knows but se does not want to hear. He ultimately blurts but that he is gay and it was not an accident but suicide attempt. Lisa and Phil are devastated. Phil realizes that he had been a harsh dad and always expected Matt to be the perfect son. BUt reality is far from it. He tries to understand his son and talks to him but Lisa is totally broke. She is more worried about social humiliation etc. There are background stories of Tim, Karen and Tom too. The film ends u with Matt giving Kyle a call and requesting to meet him.

It was an amazing film in all respects. Perfect and amazing acting. You can so feel that no family is perfect. Every family has some or the other secret. You sometimes face it or sometimes ignore it even if you know it. The whole tribulation in Matt's mind about how will he ever tell his parents the truth and how their life could be devastated is sown beautifully. Also the circumstances under which he finally tells them and then parents reaction, its just beautiful. I loved it. I wished they had elaborated on Tim's character a little more. Karen and Tm were sweet. Tom was like the sweetest person ever.

Just like Family Stone, I can watch this move again. (8/10)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

J'embrasse pas (French) [I Don't Kiss]

I hate it when I end up watching stupid movies and wonder to myself "What was I thinking when I decided to see this film". Its strange because usually the French gay cinema offers so many good films but I guess there are one off cases everywhere. This one was definitely one of the off cases.

20 something Pierre leaves his native town and comes to Paris to become something. He starts working as a server and does not earn much. He starts having an affair with an old lady. He also dreams of becoming an actor. One night he mets a famous old guy who wants to be friendly with him and help him but Pierre shrugs away because the guy was gay. This old guy can be sen every night picking up a prostitute guy. Pierre hates him. Soon reality bites. He looses his job, forgets about his acting classes and just wants to survive because he is broke. He decides to take up prostitution which he so far just hated. He does good at this job. During this time, he meets this girl prostitute whom he likes but her imp ends up beating Pierre. In the end Pierre is out with all choices. He joins army to prove to himself he can do something.

The acting from the lead was interesting but apart from that nothing was the least impressive in this movie. It kept moving eirdly. There were no explanations given for certain situations. All the characters were half baked. I just barely managed to somehow sit through the movie.

Absolute no-no for me. Don't bother. (2/10)

Harry and Max

LIfe is confusing. Relationships also can be very confusing. But there are very few directors who can portray it on the screen. I must give applause to the director of this film to take u such a complicated and controversial subject and make this film. Although I personally am very much against the whole incest thing but the way its shown in this film is pure. here is no right or won. It is what it is.

23 year old Harry takes a detour on his way to Japan to take his 16 year old brother Max for camping. Both Harry and Max are singing pop idols. On their first night of camping Ma gives Harry a blow-job, Harry does not stop him because he is reminded of days 2 years back in Bermuda. Clearly w see that Max has string feelings for his brother both brotherly and sexually. But certain things are wrong and Harry knows that to a certain extent. The camping trip is over during which Max tries to seduce his brother but fails. Both brothers talk about who all they have been with. Turns out Max first time was with his yoga teacher Josiah,whom he loved very much but since it was wrong they stopped seeing each other. After the trip is over, Harry has strong feelings for his brother Max but sine he cant do anything about him, he ends ups educing Josiah. But he also wants Josiah to find if Max feels the same way about Harry. Max lives with Nikki who is Harry's ex girlfriend. After this trip, I guess Max is frustrated and ends p having sex with Nikki. There is awkwardness but things are fine. By now Harry is completely into his brother. He visits and tells nikki about it. This pisses Max off and he gets very upset with Max. Harry says that he wants to be with Max and love him but things were not supposed to be the way they were. Two years later, Harry visits his brother and his boyfriend and again makes a fool out of himself by proposing a 3some. Nothing happens. Relationships still stay afloat. Harry lives in Japan most of the time where he has a huge fan following, He occasionally visits Max and his boyfriend.

The best thing that I liked about the movie was honestly and openness. Each character was very open about their feelings. They said what hey felt like which would be so nice if people would do that in real life. Every character in the movie was going through his/her own confusions. There is no judgement whether what happened was right or wrong. Its a slice of life. Some lie it, some dont. I might not agree to it but I would appreciate the craftsmanship. Oh btw did I say that I thought Harry was very hot.

The film was pretty decent and I liked it. Not everyone might be able to sit through because of the controversial nature of it. (6.5/10)