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Monday, July 21, 2008

Straight (German)

Now this one has to be hands down a really rally bad film. I was so hard to sit through that one hour. I rarely feel that I waste time when I watch films but boy I was so depressed for wasting my time for this stupid film.

The young German-Polish Jana gives the impression of a straight acting woman. She has a boyfriend David and a job working for a newspaper are attempts to hide her inner conflicts and her true occupation of a social worker in the low-prestigious Berlin district (ghetto). Then there is a young German Turk Nazim who also tries hard to keep up the appearance of straightness. Night after night he goes out with his homies, dances with girls like Jana and deals with drugs on Hermann Square. None of his friends are suspicious. Nazim and Jana meet many nights for pure sex. Jana loves it. One night he ha an encounter with a man and since then he cannot keep the facade of the normal life. This is the beginning of a love triangle that is dangerous for the self-understanding of all parties: because Nazim's new lover is noone else but Janas boy friend David. Te film ends up as a dark film.

There is nothing more to write about the film. Bad acting, bad direction, senseless film. It was in plain simple words, just bad. (1/10)

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