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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dog Tags

I went for this movie at the very last minute. There were Sold Out boards everywhere. I got in after I finally got the ticket and boy was I disappointed. The theatre had quite a few seats empty and the film was at least not my cup of tea.

Abandoned by his father and raised by his single mother, Debbie, Nate Merritt joins the Marines to support his soon-to-be fiancée, Trish. While on leave in Palm Springs he meets Andy, a magnetic, seemingly free-spirited young gay man with dreams of escaping to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Andy has still not gotten over his ex-love and he looks for him in every single guy he meets. Though the bond between the two men is initially platonic, the nature of their relationship unavoidably shifts into something physical and intimate. It turns out that Andy has a baby boy and its time that Andy accepts his responsibility. Nate has always wanted to know about his father but always got weird answers from his mother. Unexpectedly, by delving deeply within himself, Nate also uncovers the identity of the father he never knew and he gets a shock. His role model for life was totally not what he expected.

Decent performances was the only saving grace. The film was way too dark for me. The director in QnA later told that the film was a slice of his life where he did not have love of his father and how he had to go through hardships but still the movie did not evoke any emotions from me. Why the title? Because turns out that in the end Nate and his real father woe the similar dog tags. At least thats the reason I would like to think.

Can be avoided. Very disappointing.(3/10)

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