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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Books of John

This is an apt case of a novel concept going horribly wrong for various reasons. Execution, acting, message conveyed.. just about everything. Plus the film was probably made on a very small scale and it could be seen.

Among various sub plots, the main story is about Frank who loses his partner of 12 years John. After his death he realizes that John had been writing diaries ever since he was a kid. He starts reading the diary and decides to o and visit John's birth place to see if he can trace his roots. But no one there knows about John. Frank ends up meeting a guy called Trevor who lives with his grandmother in the small town since his parents are dead and they instantly get attracted to each other. Trevor offers help and says he will ask his grandmother who eventually also says she knows nothing. Time goes on . Frank and Trevor are getting more involved with each other and in the same time Frank is discovering things about John which he did not know including the fact that he had a girlfriend when he was 16 years old whom he had sex with and who shared same name as Trevor's mom. After a series of events, it turns out that Trevor is John's son from his girlfriend who got accidentally pregnant and John had no idea about that. The grandma eventually tells Trevor all the details. We also have sub plots of Rob and his boyfriend , the careless party going young men who dont get serious in life until Rob finds out that he is HIV positive. We also get to see stories of couple of lesbians and how their life intertwine.

So like I said, the movie could have been better but the execution was really bad. Acting was pathetic and over dramatic. The only decent person I thought was Jen who was Frank's lesbian friend. Apart from that no where you feel connected to the characters. he director tries to portray some stereotypes including lesbians moving with each other after first date.

Easily avoidable. Watch if you have nothing better to do. Its not that bad. (4/10)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Curiosity of Chance

I think my luck is being good these past few days or maybe I am more careful of what I watch these days. Few films in a row and I actually like all these movies. This film although is again run of the mill film about a teenage gay guy trying to fit in a society in 80s but the way they have showed this is hilarious and very beautiful to watch.

This coming of age story of a guy named Chance Marquis is set in 80s in Belgium. A young awkward teenager, he is a transfer in the school and is trying to fit in. His father is was in military and he has a young sister who is very honest and blatant. He ends up making friends with Twyla, a girl who no one knows in the school and also a guy who is the photographer. Chance is assigned the job of interviewing the school football team but the captain Brad always bullies him for being fairy faggot etc. ALso in the team is Levi who also happens to be Chance's neighbor. They become friends but Brad doesn't like it. So he forces Levi to break off his friendship with Chance. All through this, Chance struggles and accepts who he is and meets a drag queen who gives him some word of advice. Levi loves music but gives it up after his father forces him to pursue football for scholarship. After a couple of misunderstandings Levi and Chance become friends again and they form a band and participate in a rock competition. Meanwhile Brad is expelled from the school for taking drugs. Chance's father is finally proud of his son for doing such a wonderful job at the band and Chance finally figures out how to be himself and fight for what he thinks is right for him.

Chance acts brilliantly. Some of his dialogues are just superb. The trio of Chance, Twyla and the photographer guy is funny. Levi is so hot, its unbelievable. Brad is the usual college bully. All scenes involving college vice principal are funny too. Some people might think that movie is stupid but thought it was pretty funny.

Watch it and you will be surprised to like it. (7/10)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ritz

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started watching this movie but Oh boy! was I glad I did. This 1976 movie is blatantly humorous wicked and filled with wonderful performances. I dont even know if I will be able to do justice by talking about the movie here. Terrence McNally's screenplay is the real winner

Gaetano Proclo with his wife Vivian is present at her father's deathbed who does not like his son in law. Theirs is a gangster family and just before dying the father asks his son Carmine Vespucci to "get Proclo". Proclo takes the threat seriously and gets in a cab, asks him to take him to the last place where Vespucci might look for him. The driver takes him to the Ritz which a few minutes later we find out is a gay bathhouse. Thats where the fun begins. Proclo puts his name as Vespucci and enters the bathhouse where he is chased by a chubby chaser (very funny) who constantly keeps rejecting hot men because they are too skinny. He also Meets Chris who kind of becomes his friend and helps him out. We also see Googie, a wannabe broadway star who thinks Proclo is a producer. Enter Michael Brick, a detective whom Vespucci had hired to find Proclo so that he can kill him. Brick is funniest. His voice becomes center of all jokes. Ultimately Vespucci also comes in the bathhouse and then follows a series of hilarious incidents and confusions and jokes. The film ends when Vivian also comes to bathhouse and things are clarified and everyone finds out that Vespucci actually owns the place.

Every person in the movie s excellent. My favorite was Googie. Her Latin american accent was to die for. Next was the detective. Every time he speaks , it was hilarious. Specially when he ays I dont know why people make fun of my voice. Proclo was damn god. His acting was superb. Overall it was an ensemble and I loved every minute of the movie The chubby chaser was also hilarious.

Please watch it. Its damn damn good. (8.5/10)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Manay Po 2: Overload (Filipino)

I was so thrilled when I saw that there is a sequel coming to Manay Po. Having loved the first film, I definitely wanted to see the sequel. And I must admit that I was not disappointed.

The film continues with the life of Luz, her boyfriend Gerry and her 3 sons Oscar, Orson and Orwell. The part 1 ended with Oscar and Adrian getting married. So now they live happily and Oscar and Adrian decide to have a baby. They hire a babymaker Bette and life is not the same. Bette is a weird girl who is doing this just so that she can make some good money. She along-with her boyfriend had tried to rob Luz and Gerry once. But Luz can't remember this. There are a whole bunch of hilarious sequences involving the entire family with Bette. On side stories, Orwell is shown struggling n his school with his sexuality and also the fact that how he is different from his brothers. He is not queeny, does not want to put makeup or put on a gown . Rather he is the school swimming champion. His flamboyant friend is total fun. Orson still is in love with Marky but he is finally getting married to his girlfriend. Orson sees another guy who has lost his memory, he takes care of him and manages to fool him for his boyfriend. BUt the guy gets his memory back, thank Orson for taking care of him and not forcing anything. The film ends with a bunch of hilarious sequences.

I totally loved this movie as much as I did part 1. All characters were in their original roles and did their part well. It is still so difficult for me to decide who's my favorite. Luz is the funniest . Also their maid is funny. And of course most of the men are very good looking.

Please see this movie and you will not stop laughing. (7/10)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back Soon

I am so glad I saw this movie. There are some movies which just touch your heart. It can have various reasons. The fact that I got emotionally attached with the movie made me like it.

Logan is selling his house after his wife Adrienne dies in a car accident. Gil is the guy who comes looking for the house and immediately buys it. Both Logan and Gil have this unexplained attraction for each other. They become good friends. Slowly Logan realizes that he is getting both emotionally and physically attracted towards Gil and Gil feels the same. Since none of them is gay, they are both surprised and dont know why this is happening but they give in. We later find that there are mystery elements involved. Apparently the day Adrienne died, Gil had a near death experience and now he feels her presence inside her. Logan and Gil are confused now because it is hard to explain whether this attraction is between Adrienne and Logan or between Gil and Logan. In all this confusion, Gil's past comes back to haunt him and he gets shot. In hospital he technically dies and comes back to life (which for viewers it means that Adrienne i snow out of Gil's body). I like the end now when Logan and Gil introduce each other and decide to start all over again.

The move was slow but for me at the places there was some connection between me and the movie. After a long time I felt this way for a movie. Acting was good by the lead characters. Their confusion around why is this happening came around very well. There are some side stories regarding Adrienne's brother but they are just there.

It touched me and I would recommend it. (7.5/10)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Father Knows

This film is a bitter sweet comedy drama about family, relationships, personal quests over a span of 15 years. Made on a short budget and on a small scale, his film still manages to hold your attention.

The story is told by Brad who has just finished his memoirs and it goes in flashback. Brad is good friends with Ira. Since Brad and his brother lost their father early, Ira's father George has been a father figure for him as well. On his 18th birthday, Ira comes out to his family and tells that he is gay. Brad is happy and now all he wants is to be with Ira and have a family. George is very understanding and talks to his son about general stuff. Meanwhile, on an exchange program, a young student Mansoor comes from Dubai to live with them. He is the comic relief. He is shown as a horn dog who would be ready to have sex with anyone at all. Ira for a while now is having doubts about his relationship with Brad. He wants to explore and look around more and tells Brad about it. Brad walks out heartbroken. Mansoor on the other hand one day is giving a massage to Ira's dad George which his wife mistakes to be something else. Ira and his mother stop talking to George and he finds solace in Brad. They start hanging out every week and playing cards. Ira's mother passes away. Ira then moves to SF. Brad has in the meantime moved on and has a boyfriend now. BUt he still tries to keep touch with George. Brad is now back single and hangs out with George every couple of weeks. Ira on the other hand is into bar scenes, hooking up etc. A surprise visit from his dad makes him realize about how much he missed family etc. He decides to move back with his dad. After spending sometime together, George passes away. Since Brad did not hear anything from George regarding their card games, he visits their home and finds out everything. 2 old best friends, now single find solace and love finally in each other's arms.

Both guys were hot. It was surprising to find a couple of hard penis shots in the film but it was a good eye candy. Mansoor was good fun. His character was comic and he was good looking too. Overall the movie, I thought was made with good intentions and it worked for me.

You an watch it as a decent popcorn flick. (6/10)

Mandragora (Czech Republic - Czech)

If you read the synopsis of this movie, it sounds interesting but personally it did not do it for me. There were 2 things that I was not comfortable. It was too dark and after a while I thought it was just being stretched.

Mark, a 15 year old village guy runs from him home after his father forces him to go to school. When he reaches Prague, he is followed by a pimp, Honza. Since Mark runs out of money, Honza convinces him to be his rabbit, a male prostitute. His first assignment leaves him beaten and bruised and then he meets a fellow hustler David. Together they form a team, get Hona to prison and start a successful prostitution racket. Hereon the film stats with characters coming in and out and how it affects their life. Each time the life gives them scars that grow more visible as does the threat of drug problems and AIDS. They eventually consent to embrace the lowest level of making gay porn where the cruel director forces Marek to be sodomized by David. They are raided by the police and Honza reappears as Marek's nemesis. Mark by this stage is very hallucinated with drugs. Meanwhile his father when realizes what mark would have gotten into comes to Prague looking for him but just passes Mark without realizing how he had drugged and bled himself to death in a toilet stall on the railway platform.

This film is dark, frank, cruel, realistic, and sweats with the evil of the belly of the beast that is Prague's underworld.It is actually too realistic and at one point you dont even want to know all that because its too much to handle. The film will find the audiene but how I wished that this film could have been trimmed out and edited better.

Go for it if you like dark, depressing movies. (4/10)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I had no expectations from this movie but when I started watching it, I was hooked to it primarily for 2 reasons. The whole black life style and the way they speak and "my husband". Now don't ask what that means. Just read it with the black accent.

A murder happens on new years and prime suspect is Valerie and church goer and a home maker. The story then goes in flashback when she is narrating the story to the detective. Valerie and Dutch have moved to Philadelphia from Atlanta for work. Dutch is psychiatrist and has got a job here. Valerie is a photographer by profession. Dutch now works in the hospital of Kevin and Monica (a couple and his ex college friends). Things are shown in suspicion for the couple and it seems that Monica and Dutch have something going on. There is also a popular singer Ryan in the picture who happen to be an old friend and regular at these parties. After a series incidents Valerie starts suspecting of Dutch cheating on her. She gets help from her friend Zahara and a black gay guy who goes to church for all women meetings. Zahara takes pictures of Dutch and Monica and shows to Valerie. Her world collapses. Dutch tries to explain but of no avail. Meanwhile, there is this strange women in the church who never speaks but then one day she talks to Valerie and asks her to go to a hotel. When Valerie goes to hotel , she gets shock of her life. She fins Dutch and Ryan together in shower. She is shocked. Dutch turns out to be gay or bisexual. Meanwhile we are told that its Ryan who has been killed and all proofs lead to suspect being Valerie. In the end the cops get a confession dvd in which they show Ryan confessing to having spread HIV to who evr he has sex with and then they show that the strange woman from the church had killed him. She apparently was Ryan's ex wife. Dutch and Valerie split and thankfully neither of them have been affected by the virus.

Acting by Valerie was superb. The whole premise and the direction and the sequencing of events of interrogation and he narrative going back and forth was very interesting. The twist in the plot comes as a shock because no one expects Dutch to be gay. I cant find any fault in the film. It was a pleasant experience although it would be wrong to term it as a gay film.

Definitely watch it for good cinema although the movie is not typically gay themed. (7/10)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breakfast with Scott (Canada)

After a few disastrous movies, this movie was nice to see. There is nothing pathbreaking in the film but it was definitely not a film which is difficult to walk through. Agreed it was a little predictable but it was still fun.

Sam and Eric are in a committed relationship. Eric a former ice hockey player now works or TV after he got injured 5 years ago. One day they find that they have to take care of a boy named Scot. Scot is son of Julie who was Billy's girlfriend. Billy is Sam's brother. As per Julie's last wish, Billy is supposed to take care of Scot but since he is in Brazil, Eric and Sam are held responsible for taking care of the kid. The kid is introduced and everything about him is gay. His clothes, interests, mannerisms and everything. Since Sam is busy at work, its upto Eric to take care of him and hang out with him most of the time. This is when we see how the relationship between Scot and Eric develop. How Eric being a celebrity goes through when people see him with a sissy boy. Eric decided to turn things around. He realizes that Scot is very good at skating. He tries to generate interest in him for hockey and he does that pretty good. Like all predictable movies, Billy comes back to take Scot but by then Eric and Sam have developed feelings. Even Scot now wants to stay with these guys and with so many turn of events, he is now a grown up boy.

The characters acted good but nothing about them was gay. The chemistry between Sam and Eric was lacking. They could have been just 2 room mates living together. I guess that was because Eric is not supposed to be out at work but then the question is how could he live in a committed relationship? In any case, the movie overall was decent watch. Nothing great but not boring either. It had its moments.

You an watch it. Its a good non boring time pass. (6/10)