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Friday, May 30, 2008

Dead Boys Don't Scream

I don't know how and why am I watching all these dumb and stupid movies one after the other. This film is another example of how the makers are confused whether to make porn, horror or maybe comedy.

3 hot male models work for an agency. One day one of the model's friend Callie come sin town and the others have fun with Callie. First she enjoys but after a while she thinks she is being raped. Here starts the series of murders. First the male models. photographer, assistant, poodle boys (crazy models) everyone. Its hilarious the way the have filmed every scene. It seems bad, amateurish, really poor acting. Story wise as well there is nothing. ONly good thing is lots n lots n lots of male nudity. If you remove all those good for nothing photo shoot scenes which just go and on, this movie could have been done in 25 minutes. Although it still would have been as terrible as it is now.

This movie is really a joke and nothing else. (2/10)

Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel

Gosh!! that was a bad movie. Autobiographical are supposed to be good and I am sure some people might find this film interesting but I simply had to stop the film mid way and just not watch it later.

It is a story of Leslie (writer, actor of the movie), a gay man's upbringing and hardships. Growing up in an oppressive Southern Baptist household in the 1950s, he flees as soon as he is able to the nearby metropolis of Atlanta. There, he finds a new set of troubles, falling in with a drug addled party girl and a hustler who he immediately falls in love with. The film chronicles the experiences of Storyteller against the gay and drug subcultures of the 1970s.

I have nothing more to add. Just a bad film, well at least for me. (0/10)

Thursday, May 29, 2008


A mainstream hollywood movie coming up with such a film is definitely good to see with some leading men playing the main protagonists. The story is simple and not too complicated but by the way Robert Di Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman have acted, it makes the whole difference.

The story is simple. Rusty (Philip Seymour) is a female impersonator who lives in the same apartment building as Walt (DeNiro), a retired policeman who works as a security guard. During a robbery of a drug dealer, one of Rusty's fellow drag performer Amber is killed and DeNiro suffers a stroke trying to prevent the crime. The drug dealers are looking for their money and they keep finding different ways to harass the trannies to get the money back but that money is not found. The doctor suggests that Walt shold take singing classes and that will help in his stroke. He decides to take classes with Rusty. They have nothing in common except both of them are alone. They get along with each other and on one such nights sharing secrets, Rusty tells Walt that he (she) has money that Amber had of the drug dealers. The dealers later find out about it and the movie ends with a fantastic climax where Rusty and Walt work a s a team to save money and fight with the drug dealers.

Like I said, he move is simple but what makes special are the performances. The movie otherwise looks very low budget. The name comes from the drag contest called Flawless that is won by this girl who has a crush for Walt even after he has had a stroke.

Watch it for performances for DeNiro and Seymour. (6/10)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Murder In Portland

A horrible acted, directed, scripted film which could have done much better with a tight screenplay and good acting. A suspense film which has nothing new to offer.

18 year old Mike, runs away form his home after his baptist minister father finds he is gay. He goes to Olympia, WA. There he meets Grant , a store owner whose partner is David in business. Mike gets a job in the store and Grant and him become lovers. Meanwhile David goes to Portland where he is murdered along with another guy. Here starts the investigation. A detective is sent as undercover in the gay area to act gay and find out more details. He does all bar hoping, hooks up and finds out all details. Ultimately it turns out hat the minister is the killer because he confused David to be Grant (his son's lover). Afterwards a psychiatrist session reveals that Mike was able to talk until he was 4 but then he saw his dad murder his mom when he was naked with another woman. The minister is charged and Grant and Mike get a civil union.

You must have seen how shoddingly those scenes were done. From tons of love making nude skin show (which was absolutely unnecessary). The acting was horrendous and so was direction. This movie could have as well been made by a 15 year old kid. The sound quality was poor. Just about everything about the film was amateurish. The way the unercover cop tries to find truth, the scene where minister is arrested, how the cop realizes he is gay etc., almost everything is BAD.

Avoid it completely, unless you are like who has to watch any and every movie. (3/10)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kiss The Bride

I am so glad I watched this movie. This definitely cheered me up after a terrible workday. There is nothing extra ordinary about this movie but the way few scenes are handled is good. Maybe I am a sucker for romantic comedies and I just love my moments in the film.

Matt is a publisher in a gay magazine in SF. One day he sees a wedding invitation of Ryan and Alex. He remembers Ryan as his first lover in his hometown and his best friend. He thinks Alex is a by until he sees the picture of a girl. He decided to go his town because he thinks he should save Ryan from doing the horrible mistake of marrying just for society's sake even though he is gay. Matt goes back to his town and meets Ryan and Alex. Alex and Matt hit off very well with each other and instantly have a liking. Meanwhile Matt also tries to talk to Ryan about them and how thinks would have been different. Ryan blames Matt for leaving the town 10 years ago and not being in touch and now he cannot expect Ryan to just run away from the wedding. Matt tries his best to convince Ryan but he loves Alex. The night before wedding Matt decided to leave but an emotional Ryan ends up kissing Matt. Alex sees all this and asks Ryan to figure out what he wants. It turns out that Alex had invited Matt for the wedding because she could see how Ryan kept talking about him and she wanted him to be clear in his mind before he does anything. Matt and Ryan try to sleep but just cant. They have grown up to become friends and Matt realizes that he was still just infatuated with Ryan. They have long grown and can just be friends. Things are all sorted in the end. On his wedding Ryan tells everyone how Matt was his first lover but now he only loves Alex. Alex then asks just for a commitment and not marriage. I think the movie's name comes from the fact that Matt ends up kissing Alex one night when they are drunk.

Matt and Ryan were both super hot. Their kissing scene was hot too. I personally liked the way Alex's character was built in the whole movie. The entire small town setting was also something that I really liked. Other supporting characters were also funny including Ryan's parents and in laws. The last scene for me was the most touching when Ryan's mother tells Matt to keep visiting beacuse its not just Ryan but she as well who misses him.

A wonderful chick flick but I never said I am not a sucker for them. (7.5/10)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

La Meilleure facon de marcher (French) [The Best Way To Walk]

I was actually surprised to see all kinds of good reviews for this movie. For me, this movie did absolutely nothing. There were a lot of things which were not clear at least to me.

The film is set in France in 70s in a boys scout. Marc and Phillppe are 2 of the few instructors at the camp. One night Marc sees Phillipe trying to dress up as a woman. Right after that he humiliates him at every point in the camp in front of students, other instructors etc. Phillipe tries to be friend with Marc but o avail. There are instances where one thinks that maybe Phillipe is actually gay and has feelings for Marc but thats not shown very clearly anywhere. Marc's humiliation goes on and on with Phillipe being his punching bag. Towards the end of the camp when there is a costume party, Phillipe comes dressed as woman and takes punches at Marc for dancing with him. Ultimately Phillipe ends up humiliating Marc that night. In the meantime there is also Phillipe's girlfriend Chantal, but there is noting much to do with her role. In the end they show how Marc (now a real estate agent) meet Phillipe (a respectable guy in society) and they behave as if nothing has happened between them.

So thats what the movie is!! I did not find it a bit exciting. I mean it might remind you of a few instances from your childhood when kids poke fun at each other for not playing sports etc. Dealing with your inner fears and not letting anyone else take advantage of that fact is basically what the crux of this movie is. And yes, this is nothing to do with the fact that this film had nothing to do with the gay theme or maybe it was but never clearly shown.

People seemed to have liked the movie but it was definitely not my cup of tea. (3/10)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yeladim Tovim (Israel - Hebrew) [Good Boys]

My expectations in the recent past have not been much. This film that depicts life of commercial sex workers in Israel did not give me much hope but it was still better than the other movies that I have seen.

Menni is a 17 year old sex hustler who has a set of clients whom he meets regularly. He is done with his hustling on street days. He wears well and lives well. One night he meets another hustler Tal in a club and they end up spending the night together. Tal is very friendly with Menni even to the extent of making him breakfast. They both feel that there is some connection and decide they will meet later at a club. Meanwhile, Menni once slept with a girl Mika with whom he now has a small daughter (incidentally called Tal). Mika is now living in streets as a whore. She cannot take care of Tal, so one day she just leaves her with Menni. The night when Tal and Menni had decided to meet, Tal ends up going with another guy who turns out to be a cop and the cop holds Tal as a hostage and makes him his whore and handcuffs him. Tal manages to eventually kill the cop and run away. The same night Menni is struggling to figure out what to do with his baby. He is also struggling with his feelings for Tal. As per him he never believed in love but why cant he now stop thinking about him. The film just ends with a lot of open questions.

The film although directed by a hand held camera is still very realistic. Its a raw and brutal film. The two leading characters are heartfelt and genuine, the living conditions are real, background of the people and the tragic events that happen, are so real. The way the cop treats Tal is particularly saddening because such things could actually be happening.

Moral is that even sex workers could be god souls at heart. A different, emotion evoking movie. (5/10)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yours Emotionally (India)

What could have been a beautiful story to tell turned into an amateurish experience because of the shoddy screenplay and direction. There are so few movies based in India and this could have been the one to make a difference but unfortunately it did not.

Ravi and Paul are two Brits visiting India. They go to a gay party where Ravi meets Mani and instantly falls for him. They also meet an elderly couple Murthy and Anna who have been living together for over 20 years. We are told later that Murthy ws in London and came back to India when his mother died. Anna, by then a married man persuaded him to stay back. Later only when Anna's wife died did they end up living together. Meanwhile Ravi has completely fallen for Mani. But Mani is struggling with his own responsibilities. He has to get married soon. Ravi even says that he will sponsor Mani and take him to London with him but nothing of that sort can work out. Ravi seeks Murthy & Anna's help, but the couple hide behind words of wisdom and express inability to bring Ravi & Mani together. In the end itstime for Pul and Ravi to go back and Ravi goes back with is lost love in Mani and memories of a wise elderly couple.

The story sounds interesting but was directed in a shoddy way. Scenes would just change weirdly from one to another. Too much drama and dream sequences to confuse the viewer. The movie was very sluggish but with lot of naked Indian skin. Also why would Ravi fall so soon for Mani was not clear. I am pretty sure he had his share when he was in Uk.

Overall a disappointment but maybe I had a little too much expectations. (4/10)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Green Plaid Shirt

So what was this film about? We have seen various films who deal with the whole gay life style including the Aids epidemic but ws there anything special about this movie? Unfortunately, NO.

Guy and Philip meet at a garage sale where both of them try to buy a plaid green shirt which either one of them is shown wearing at different points in the movie. They soon get together and develop a relationship. They share an open relationship wherein they can have sex with outsiders but cannot fall in love. Jerry and Devon are Philip's best friend who are with the couple most of the time. Everything is fine till one day Guy is detected to have Aids. Philip tries to take care of him. Both of them even buy a house together. At the same time, he is also looking for opening his own business. Things get harder. Meanwhile Guy meets someone else and moves out of the house but soon he realizes that his true love was with Philip. At the same time it is shown how Jerry and Deven are both HIV+ and are dealing with life crisis. Altogether film just focusses on different points in one's life. The direction was very different in the way the film kept moving between past present ad future. At one point it became so difficult to keep a track of whats going on. The film could have been better of the narrative was kept simple.

The guys were hot and since the movie was supposed to be in 70s and 80s, everything looked good. The friends Jerry and Deven were shown as how different people can be but still be friends. The scene where Deven commits suicide and Jerry's boyfriend tries to hit on Philip tells you that how life and death go with each other.

An ok watch which could have been better. The title had absolutely no relevance. (4/10)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hildes Reise (Switzerland - Swiss German) [Hilde's Journey]

An emotional journey of a dead guy's 2 lovers who are on their way to throw his ashes in the sea. The movie is full of emotion moments but the relatively lower production quality dilute the impact to an extent.

Steff, a carpenter wants to do some business on his own but cannot get a loan because e has low credit scores. He is frustrated by this. He one day reads in newspaper about death of Martin Hilder, son of a wealthy industrialist German family, who happened to be his lover of 3 years. Martin's family has always denied his sexual preference even to the extent that they declare his cause of death to be cancer whereas reality is he died of Aids. The funeral is also attended by Rex and Gina, friends of Hilde (thats what they called Martin) who leave the ceremony in a rage because of this. Later when Martin's will is read, he his left his flat and estate for Steff and has also desired to be crated and ashes be thrown in sea. Martin's family bargains with Steff and prpose to give him money and forget about the whole cremation thing. Steff needs money so he agrees. But Rex is angry and he steals the urn of Martin. Steff finds out but joins Rex hoping to get an opportunity to steal the urn. What follows is the journey of Hilde with Steff, his ex lover and Rex, the guy who was with him in his last days. With ups and down we find out about their pasts and relationship with Hilde. Steff changes his mind towards end when he realizes that Martin truly loved him and no amount of money can replace that. They throw his ashes in the river and Martin's family puts a fake urn to resect their family honor.

The movie was a little slow but considering the subject and content it was done well. Acting was good by the lead characters. The relationship between Rex and Martin (was he lover or just caretaker) and why Steff and Martin broke up is not really clarified although hints are given.

A subtle touching story which has its few moments. (5.5/10)

Monday, May 12, 2008

L'Ennemi Naturel (French) [Natural Enemy]

I was again tricked into watching a movie which had absolutely nothing to do with gay themed. Agreed that in the last scene they show the protagonist confused about his sexuality but apart from that there was nothing in the movie, gay or straight.

Inspector Luhel comes to a town to investigate murder of a teenage boy named Richard. His mom thinks that her ex-husband Tanguy (Richard's father) has murdered him. Richard's body was found in water next to the beach. Luhel begins his investigation in the weirdest of manners. He talks to all kind of people and also to Tanguy who now lives with his current wife. Their daughter Adele lives with her aunt. During his investigation Luhel is shown to have strange behavior and also the fact that he is confused about something and so he cannot concentrate on his wife Nathalie and new born baby. Meanwhile, Tanguy is the man with a huge sexual appetite and he wants to sleep with every woman in the town. Luhel in his course of investigation finds that Tanguy was abusing his daughter Adele and maybe Richard found that out and so Tanguy killed him. He talks to Adele but she refuses to say anything. Tanguy hearing all this attempts suicide and thats when Adele tells Luhel that Adele and Richard were having an affair and one night when Richard tells her they should not see each other because it is unnatural. Adele gets angry and hits Richard on head which leads to his accidental death. Everything is sorted and towards the end they show that Luhel is having sexual feelings for Tanguy whom he cant get. The movie just ends there.

The film was big disappointment. The only good thing is Few nude shots of Tanguy who is hung like horse. Even content wise, movie had nothing to offer. The whole investigation seemed so amateurish.

Easily a skip. Forget nothing to do with the gay theme, even otherwise the movie has nothing to offer. (2/10)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Segunda Piel (Spanish) [Second Skin]

This movie talks about confusions, indecisiveness and the fact that you cannot be the one who you want to be. You have seen many triangle love stories but this one comes with a difference.

Elena and Alberto are married and have a cute son Adrian. At some point in the relationship, Elena and Alberto are drifting apart but they dont know why. Alberto keeps telling Elena that he loves her very much. On the other hand, he is also cheating on her with Diego, a doctor. Elena suspects that Alberto is cheating but doesn't realize until later that its with a man. Meanwhile, Alberto is not very comfortable with Diego in public. He is apprehensive of the whole thing. He keeps moving between his wife and Diego. He wants both but cannot accept both. Elena moves out to her mother for she needs time to think. Alberto swears that he will not see him again. But he cannot stop himself because he really likes Diego as well. in a shocking climax when Diego confronts him of what and whom he actually wants, Alberto tells him how he could never do what he wanted to do. Even his work he is doing just because he was expected to do. In a fit of rage , he leaves the house and dies in an accident. The film ends showing that Elena and Diego are trying to cope up with their loss and try to be friends.

Alberto's character is shown very confusing and unable to decide what he wants. On the other hand, whats not very clear is why does Diego keep putting up with all Alberto's shit. Alberto treats him badly so many times but he still puts up with it. Whatever happened to self respect. Performance wise everyone was good. Elena was specially good. and Adrian, the little bundle of joy was very cute.

You can see it for there can be so many ways in which life can make a change for you. (6.5/10)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Violet's Visit (Australia)

A funny take on how things take take a twist in life when someone unexpected knocks on your doors. This Australian film shows this facet of life in a very convincing and entertaining manner.

Violet (who likes to be called Scooter) at fifteen is tired of her small own and the fact that her mom keeps bringing new boyfriends, runs away to Sydney in search of her gay father who as told by her grandfather lives with his new wife. When Violet reaches there , she meets Pete, the lawyer and thinks that he is her father. Later she finds that Alec and not Pete is her father and that Pete is actually the wife that Alec lives with. Violet's father is gay. Alec who owns a gym has been in denial of the fact that he fathered a child to himself and everyone and even to his partner Pete. Alec does not want to have anything to do with Scooter but with Pete's intervention , he tries. The 3 of them start to get along well and soon Alec starts loving her daughter. Soon these changed roles start affecting Pete's and Alec's life and Scooter being bored gets infatuated with one of their gay friends Wayne. When Scooter realizes that because of her Pete has left home, she decides to run off to streets. Her extended absence bring back the couple together and their love gets stronger at the same time telling them the importance of family etc. Thigs get fine at the end like always.

Pete was beautiful. The relationship between the couple is shown very cool and natural and beautiful. Character of Wayne is kind of funny who always tries to hit on Alec because over 40s is his type and now that ALec is a dad makes Wayne want him even more. BUt all this is shown in fun. Only problem that I had with the film was the thick Australian accent.

You would not regret the movie. This will only entertain you. (6.5/10)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

L'homme que j'aime (French) [The Man I Love]

5 minutes in the movie and I knew I had seen it but did not remember much of it. Half way into the movie and I remembered that I liked the movie. Almost to the end and I realized that it s a wonderful movie about finding true love, fighting against all odds and how you can get someone you really love.

Martin and Lucas work at the same swimming pool. Martin immediately fancy for Lucas as soon as he sees him. He tells Lucas about that but unfortunately finds out that Lucas lives with his girlfriend Lise. Nonetheless, Martin tries to keep friendship between them going with occasional flirting with Lucas. Lucas initially gets mad and tries to buzz Martin off but after that he also starts enjoying the attention. He starts to realize that Martin truly loves him. Lucas at his end is confused about whats going on. He likes his girlfriend but cant stop thinking of all things that Martin tells him and flirts with him. He tries to fight his feelings. One day he finds out that Matin is HIV+ and is not going to live too long. Thats the moment when Lucas decides that he can no longer ignore his liking and love for Martin and he has to go for it. After a bitter breakup with his girlfriend he moves in with Martin. They make love, take care of each other. Martin always loved Lucas and now he gets that love back in return. WIth just few more days with Martin, they decide to get married. Martin before dying asks Lucas to love him forever.

Wonderful acting and a very heart touching story. Martin's character is very loving and very outgoing. Even though he is sick , he wants to make the best of his remaining time and wants to die knowing that there is someone who truly loved him. Lucas did his part well with he confusion and everything. The subtle love talks between the 2 characters was very touching. I somehow t most of the points could identify about wanting true love in life an dhow it is important.

Must see for all movie lovers. (7.5/10)

In Extremis (French) [To The Extreme]

A waste of time is how this movie can be summarized. Only if the setting of the movie was more realistic and had they not portrayed the movie for gays, this would have been an otherwise touching emotional story.

Thomas, a bisexual man sleeps with both sexes. He has 2 lovers. Caroline who has a son Gregory whom Thomas loves as his own son and a guy called Vincent. Caroline dies one day in an accident. Gregory wants Thomas to be his guardian but that is not possible because of the law. Even with the aid of his prostitute sister Anne he is unable to keep the disappointed Gregory from being sent to a prison-like orphanage. Eventually Thomas' devotion towards Greg helps him to let Greg escape from the orphanage and live with him in his ancestral home in Ibiza. All's well in the end and they live together.

The movie was very boring for me primarily because the photography was so bad. Hardly anything in the movie was visible. It was all so dark. Plus the story just wont move. The movie was digressed from the main plot and did not concentrate on the main issues. After watching it for half an hour , I had to fast forward the movie and just finish it.

Please don't waste your time. (1.5/10)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The 24th Day

It was interesting to watch this movie. Having known almost nothing about the movie, it turned to be a pleasant experience specially because contrary to the other gay movies, this one talks and points to the real gay issues that gay men should be talking about rather than just partying and enjoying life.

Tom and Dan meet in a bar and then end up going to Tom's apartment. They start talking and after a few minutes of verbal teasing , we are in a shock when Tom tells Dan that they slept 5 years back in the same apartment and that has been the only sexual experience Dan had with a man. Tom has been stalking Dan in revenge for his transmitting HIV to Tom, a transmission which has resulted in Tom's wife falling victim to AIDS and dying in a car crash 24 days ago. Tom holds Dan captive in his apartment and takes his blood sample for testing and pledges to kill him if he finds that he is positive and Dan gave Tom the virus. All this while Dan keeps repeating that he has got tested many times and he is negative and that he is always safe. The entire movie goes on between changing verbal talks between the two protagonists. In the end when Dan gets the result, he releases Tom. Tom thinks he is -ve but Dan throws a bomb saying he is releasing because Dan is positive and now thats the way he will be punished.

Brilliant screenplay and wonderful acting by the two guys make this film a wonderful experience. Like I said before we need to talk and think about more serious and pertinent issues related to our community rather than just taking life for granted and being careless about it.
Must see for anyone who likes indie movies. (6.5/10)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bernard And Doris

There are very few movies which are made on real life actual stories. This is one of them. Although this again would not be classified as gay movie but yes definitely the lead character is gay and thats all that is to it.

Tobacco heiress Doris Duke is like one of the richest living women on earth. One day she firs her butler for bringing cold cantaloupe. The agency then sends Bernard Lafferty who earlier served Liz Taylor. He is gay and a former alcoholic. He was in rehab for 6 months but is recovering now. After a strict master employer relationship, Doris starts liking Bernard for his selfless motive of serving her. They start getting close and travel together. Her lawyers question his motive. She realizes that he does not want anything from her. As he sys one night, all he wants to do is take care of her. Though Bernard is not without flaws. He slowly succumbs back to alcohol and steals the most expensive wines from the wine cellar. He is fired when Doris comes to know about it. He comes back only after he knows that Doris is seriously ill and maybe living only a few more months. He serves and takes care of her selflessly and in the end is rewarded with most of her property left for him in her will.

The entire story focusses on how the 2 people come close to each other, spend time, trying to be friends but at the same time how Doris makes sure he never crosses any line. There are no specific gay acts or anything in the movie. Just the character is gay. Performances I thought were pretty neat by both characters.

A worth watch. No big shakes but not bad either. (5/10)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Douches Froides (French) [Cold Showers]

Another disappointment. Marketed as a movie primarily for gay audience, this movie has nothing remotely close to being gay except for a few frontal nude shots of men.

The story is of three teenagers: a beautiful girl, Vanessa, and two boys, Mickael and Clement, one rich, one poor. Mickael is judi fanatic and wants to conquer everything. He is good friends with Clement and Vanesaa and the 3 of them are trying to explore sexuality with the burning desire to be best in judo for Mickael. There is no such synopsis for the movie except a lot of training scenes, locker room scenes for judo team and the way Mickael's parents are dealing with the fact that they have no money. Clement's parents are the sponsor for the entire tournament. Mickael is supposed o loose 7 kgs to fight under 66 category. He stops eating and practices hard with Clement. One night three of them have a 3some and Vanessa like it. Se wants to do again but somewhere Mickael feels its wrong. The movie does not preach whats right whats wrong. Instead it just shows different faces of different people under different situations.

The movie did not do much for me. Easily a skip. (3/10)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


A movie in a small town in Texas and conflicts between the gay community and god fearing christians forms the crux of this story.

Guy works in a small town gay bar mopping floors and doing mundane jobs where George performs as Liberty Queen every night. The owner of the bar one night dies of heart attack. George tells Guy that before he died , he left the bar to Guy who now suddenly has become rich. Meanwhile, the christian community led by Sister Susannah is trying heir best to de root the whole gay community. Guy has no idea how to handle all these things. In comes Alex, an outsider, who comes up as breath of fresh air for town and for Guy. Things just move on. We realize that Sister Susannah has a motive behind all these things. She wants the money behind the gay bar because she is sister of the owner of the bar and their father did not give her any money. She burns down the church and all blame goes on Guy. With Alex's and George's help, they are finally able to prove Guy innocent and cops then arrest Sister Susannah. Guy finally overcomes his fear of authority and takes charge of the bar.

Story is simple. It was made funny by George's drag acts. They were funny. I also like the scenes when 3 ladies in the town are sitting and talking and poor Margaret is always quiet. Guy's acting was strictly ok. I thought Alex was cute. Overall movie did not make any specific impact on me except occasional 'Alleluia Amen'.

You can miss this. This is just below average. (4.5/10)