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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cut Sleeve Boys

Why this title? There was an emperor who woke to find his lover sleeping on his sleeve. To prove his deep love for him , he cut his own sleeve. Since then, gay in Chinese is also known as Cut Sleeve.

The story is simple. Ash and Mel (Chinese) are best friends . A sudden unexpected death of a friend makes him rethink of what they want in life. Mel is the hunky good looking type guy who just likes to play around. Ash is the queeny kinda guy and all he looks for is that perfect guy for him. Comes in Todd who once hooked up with Mel as an opportunity of love. They live together for a while but Mel in his mind is just not ready to get tied up. So he does not reciprocate his feelings at all and ultimately its too late by the time he realizes how much he too loves him. Ash on the other hand, realizes that he would like to cross dress and as a woman she ends up drawing more attention from men. Ash gets attention from Ross who likes him as girl but not as a woman. Towards the final , viewer is made to realize that Ross himself likes to cross dress. Finally they acknowledge their love for each other. Ash gets love and Mel is still single.

Film is hilarious. For a change they show Chinese gay men as being attractive, powerful and stylish, instead of the usual stereotype in this British setup. The jokes are direct and to the point. It also examines the structure of gay relationships in a more subtle way. The 3 way kiss I thought was pretty hot :)

Not bad. A decent entertainer. (6/10)

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