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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Visions of Sugar Plums

Now this is a bad bad film. By the packaging, you feel that this film might be funny but don't let that fool you. Its a very amateurish attempt at telling something very simple.

Bruce and Joey have been together for 9 months and are looking forward for their first christmas together. But Bruce finds out that his parents are going to give him a surprise visit. Joey then finds out hat Bruce is freaked about this since he is not out and his parent are priest in church. Now he has to choose between his boyfriend and parents. Joey moves to the neighboring drag queen apartment while Bruce entertains his parents. They stumble upon a picture of Bruce and Joey together, lose their temper and leave home. Joey comes back and consoles Bruce and they spent Christmas eve together.

Horribl acting by everyone specially the drag queen. It has to be the worst. And the landlady was also bad. Wors were the parents reactions when they discover Bruce is gay. Even the lead characters had no chemistry. The production and direction were poor. Any film going student can make a better film.

Just dont waste your time. (2/10)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Echte Kerle (German) [Regular Guys]

Age old formula where a gay guy falls for a straight man and eventually straight guy turning gay has been done so many times. BUt it seems so unreal. Finally a straight guy who is definitely straight. This movie deals with the chemistry between a gay man and a confused sexist cop beautifully.

Chris Schwenk is a regular macho policeman whose partner is Mike. Chris' girlfriend one fine day just dumps him. Getting too drunk that night, the next morning he finds himself in bed with a guy called Edgar. Chris doesn't remember what happened and Edgar refuses to tell although he invites Chris t stay with him if he wants. Chris refuses for obvious reasons but after his car also gets stolen , he has no choice but to come and stay with Edgar. Their bonding slowly gets stronger. Meanwhile another cop in training Helen joins the team of Chris and Mike. She also has a broken love behind her and slowly she gets a liking for Chris but just cannot understand her. Edgar deals with stolen cars and refurbish them. His friend Marco deals with stolen parts. When Chris finds out that cops can be after him, he advises Edgar and Marco to stay out of all this for some time. Edgar agrees because he has a very strong feeling and emotions for Chris but knows very well that Chris is straight. There are a lot of moments between the 2 characters regarding this. Ultimately all 3 cops become friendly with Edgar and help him. They each find it easier to turn the other cheek and support each other. The ending pairs off the various members of this story in a warm and funny way, a manner which some may find predictable, Helen and Chris together and Mike declaring that he is gay and is now boyfriends with Edgar.

Acting wise everyone was very good. The main characters of Chris and Edgar were specifically very well characterized. The supporting roles were also well defined. It was a drama but with a touch of comedy built in. The movie also dealt with the fact that not every stariht guy can turn gay and also the fact that a gay and a straight guy can have a perfectly healthy friendship.

I think this was my second time watching it. Its definitely worth a watch. (6.5/10)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

True Love (Short Stories)

This movie is another collection of seven short love stories explores the ups and downs of gay relationships. ach short represents a snap shot of gay life; growing up, growing old, and falling in & out of love. Although, the title "True Love" may not fully speak for the wide spectrum of perspectives in gay life shown in the 7 shorts, it does represent what each short's character was trying to find.

"A Christmas Story" - The collection starts with this silent film about a little boy and his gender-crossing attempts to get attention from his parents.
"Going Gay" - A sixteen-year-old boy in a car is shown fingering a necklace as his father grills him about being caught having sex with his best friend.
"History" - This one, shot mostly in an LA restaurant, tells a story of a gay uncle and his now-adult nephew dealing with their past.
"Sunday" - A well-worn couple spends their Sunday morning in bed telling a tale of immense love and devotion.
"He Was Perfect" - This is the story of a young man on a search for love, and a twisted couple he gets in the middle of.
"Staying Together" - At a dinner party, two men reinforce their love in the kitchen while their buddies speculate.
"A Little Drama" - The stunning conclusion is the story of Romeo and Juliet, a kiss, and the show's lighting panel operator.

Personally I thought 'He was Perfect' was best. This one actually if deigned properly can be made in a feature. 'History' was kind of cute. Seeing 2 old men still very much in love with each other was very heartening. Rest were all ok.

Another decent collection of shorts. Some good, some ok. (5/10)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breakfast on Pluto (UK)

Who does not want to be loved? Not many of us, and Kitten wants it more than most. Her journey to find love in whatever form it may take is both touching and harrowing at times.

Patrick "Kitten" is abandoned on the parish house doorstep by an anonymous mother. Father Bernard takes the baby in and finds a foster home for the child. We later learn that the child is as the result of a liaison between the priest and his housekeeper. It's quite an auspicious beginning for this budding young drag queen who is immediately tagged as different. He makes friends with a mentally challenged boy, the only person of color in their school and her boyfriend. Kitten's boyhood is always a struggle – he's not only gay, but a drag queen. After being caught dresing up too many times, he flees the small town for the big city. He decides he needs to find his mother in London and so he's off. Finding all sorts of trouble doesn't bring this upbeat character down. Kitten just slogs his way through everything. His first boyfriend turns out to be running guns. Some how Kitten manages to save her life and move on. He picks up a man in London who tries to strangle him. He's in a club when it's bombed and he's accused of being the "Trannie Bomber" – oh well. This is one young man with perfect Karma. Towards the end KItten does find his mother but he never discloses his identity and is just happy to see his mother happy with a family. He just lives with his friend and her baby.

The story moves as different chapters in Kitten's life which talk about different incidents that happen in her life. Each chapter show us a different facet of his life. While some are cheesy, others are hair rising and make you think. Performance wise the lead character is reallygod. Its a very very tough act to do but he has done it very well. For me personally the movie was a little long and it could have had a much better impact if it was trimmed down.

Overall a decent experience. Not too bad. (5.5/10)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boy Crush (Short Films)

Seven short films in which gay youths and young men negotiate society, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. In several, teen boys come out, perhaps first to a close friend - how will the friends react? For some youths, coming out risks violence. In two films, love is thwarted - by mother, in one, and by immigration, in another.

"Night Swimming" - This terrific bittersweet teen drama depicts that perennial gay dilemma: falling for straight boys. Young Otter idolizes his alpha-male buddy Darby who just might have similar feelings for him. This exquisitely crafted story unfolds on a road-trip to New York City.
"Summer" - This intricately crafted short delicately explores the ache of unrequited love as Leung reveals his true feelings for his beefy straight pal Will on an expedition in jungle. Will being a good friend reciprocates that he will be there for him.
"Oedipus" (French) - Thomas, a gay man who dies and then awakens as a clone in a terrifying sci-fi future only to have his mother deny him access to his boyfriend as she attempts to cure his sexual preference.
"Out Now" (German) - Small town shy teen Tom is tormented by his high school classmates while he pines over the blond boy at the candy kiosk. Finally he gets the courage and overcomes all obstacles
"Running Without Sound" - A deaf teen with a crush on his pal grapples with confusing emotions and tensions with his fellow cross-country runner team-mates in this finely crafted gay jock story.
"The Bridge" - A forboding dramatic snapshot of a bi-national gay couple who just want to be together in Sydney. BUt circumstances force one of them to leave Sydney because he does not have valid papers to live in the country.
"Hitchcocked" - This smart, sexy, scary short gives new meaning to the term: shower scene. LIterally. This is a rle play scene between boyfriends who are soon to get married.

All were pretty decent movies except Oedipus. That was really weird. Plus I did not get too much out of 'Out Now' . My favs would be 'Summer' because of emotions and 'Hitchcocked' because it really came as a surprise. (5.5/10)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Writing review for this film is not something I am worth doing but then this is the only way to show my appreciation to the makers of the film and to thank hem for making such a wonderful film. Although the film is set in 70s, it could be true even in todays time.

Harvey Milk and his partner Scott move to Castro district in SF in early 70s and open a photo shop. Slowly in the interest of the gay community in his neighborhood, Milk decides to become a gay rights activist and run for city elections. Of course he looses twice. But during all these times, how he overcomes all the challenges and hardships that are faced by the gay community are wonderfully woven in the movie. His spokesperson Cleve Jones does a great job. How his partner Scott decided to break up because he cannot handle anymore politics in his life. Milk gets a new crazy Latino boyfriend who commits suicide because he cant keep up with Milk's busy schedule. On his third run for elections he gets selected as city supervisor but the following year both he and the mayor get shot dead by a fellow supervisor Dan White who blamed his former colleagues for denying White's attempt to rescind his resignation from the board.

Story wise, it seems its simple but I have to tell you its much more tan that. From wonderful performances by everyone in the cast to a great direction this film has everything going for it. Everyone should see this movie. Not only does it educate us on San Fransisco history but it also educates us all on what is currently going on in the world and how important civil rights are to EVERYONE. I wish this film came out during the battle with No on Prop 8 because I think it would of made an impact on those who didn't understand the prop.

I dont know why I cant find words to praise this movie but please do yourself a favor. Go and watch this film. (8/10)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fat Girls

Supposed to be a comedy flick, I was terribly disappointed by the film. The story gave me hopes of a good time pass comic film but unfortunately, it as short lived. 15 minutes into the film and I knew something was wrong.

Rodney and Sabrina are best friends who live in a small town in Texas. They both hav dysfunctional families.Sabrina has lesbian moms and Rodney's parents are very reliious. Sabrina is like the fattest girl I have ever seen. Rodney is closet gay (at least to his parents) ,feels like a fat girl trapped in a man's body and has hots for a class mate Ted (export from London who i also gay). They have friend in the face of one of their professor who they think is also a fat girl. They meet Rudy, a Cuban boy who falls for Sabrina and they decide to go to prom together. Rodney asks his Ted who agrees. Rodney wishes to go to NY and star in Broadway. The film just looks at various incidents in the life of these 2 people in a small town. Rodney's tryst's with Ted to gay bar etc are partly funny but apart from that it was a major major disappointment. The end f the movie was also confusing.

I just dont feel like writing anymore. Avoid if you can. (2/10)

Friday, December 5, 2008

R U Invited? 5 Guys and a Sex Party

Another one of those movies whih dont let us use ur brains too much but at the same time neither bore us o an extent to switch off the movie. A film made on a very small budget, as the name suggests talk about 5 individual men and what they go through whne they decide to go to a naked party.

Ben lives with his sugar- daddy and just chills out everyday at home. His friends Gordy, CHarlie and Mondo keep visiting him. Mondo's boyfriend is Jason. One day they all decide to go to a naked sex party. However, to qualify for attendance each invitee must submit revealing photos as a "screening" process."Now Jason is nt too keen to go to the party but is ging just because Mondo wants to go and jason loves Mondo. Gordy is the kind of guy who cares just about sex and not for everybody else's feelings. He has a history with Mondo and keeps poking at Jason to irritate him. As the party time keeps coming closer, all these people have to deal with thier issues. Jason confronts Gordy why is he doing what he is doing and probably he doesn't like the fact that others can be happy in a relationship. Mondo keeps forcing Jason to go who clearly does not want to go. In the end, Jason decided to stay but Mondo says very clearly that he will go. Among all these people is Charlie, a fat boy (in comparison to all other 4 hot guys) who deeply loves someone but who doesn't care for him at all. Naturally because of his looks, Charlie doesn't get invited to the party and moreover his boyfriend comes over. Charlie has had enough and he breaks up with him. Gordy feels bad for him and apologizes for his behavior and decided to stay back to give him company. Ben is the only one who is normal, likes to help everyone and loves his sugar daddy but its k for them to play around and the old man understands it. In the sex party Ben enjoys while Mondo struggles o see if he made the right decision.

An ok film with performances by some stereotypical gay characters. I personally liked the character of Ben because only he seemed to care for true friendship without hoping for any rewards. He loves his old man, cares for him but then also has his own needs. In the end, the ld guy tries to tell Jason that everyone cannot be the same. You have t let the person be himself who you love otherwise life would be too difficult.

A total timepass film. (5/10)

The Matthew Shepard Story

Wow!! Now his was a wonderful film. If this film doesn't bring tears to your eyes and choke you p a little bit, then I wonder what would. Even after you finish watching the film, its is so unbelievable that this actually happened with Matthew Shepard.

Matthew is a young man living in Wyoming. He is gay and one day he is killed brutally by 2 young men. The film primarily focusses on his parents after a year, how they have been dealing with this situation now that the trial is coming to an end. Their lawyer asks them to prepare to say something about Matthew on the final day in court. He is pretty sure that the defendant would get death sentence but is that what hey really want. The parents o through flashbacks of his childhood, moving from Wyoming to Saudi Arabia. Matthew studies in boarding school, falls in love with Pablo, his classmate but gets beaten up on a trip to Morocco by local goons for being gay. Matthew's parents decide to move back to Wyoming but even this is not suitable since it is totally a non gay-friendly city. Matthew decided to move to Denver, what goes on with his life in Denver. They try and find all about it. FInally he moves back to Wyoming only to be lured away by his two killers. In the end, the parents ask for forgiveness of the killers so that every minute that they are alive, they can think of Matthew because of whom they are alive.

Every single scene in the movie was touching. Matthew's struggle with himself, the society and the people around him is shown very realistically. Its only people like us who can realize how difficult it is for us t fit in the society and feel accepted. It is a constant struggle. The parents n the other hand also have don a great job. They acceptance f however he is and feeling proud for being Matthew's parents is really commendable.

I am so glad for having watched this film. Words can't express. (8/10)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Five Senses (Canada)

The five senses is a truly lovely film. It takes a look into the lives of several people, most of whom are somehow the embodiment of a sense. Yet the fact that they are so involved in a particular sense prevents them from experiencing life fully.

The story that glues all five senses concerns the disappearance of a 4-year-old girl, Amy Lee. One day at the massage therapist, Ruth, Anna finds that Amy Lee is bored. Ruth asks her very reluctant teenage daughter, Rachel, to take Amy Lee to the park across the street to play. Rachel's attention gets diverted and Amy Lee goes missing. Now lets talk about the 5 senses and the people who get interconnected through these. Sight is embodied in Rona, a young woman who bakes designer cakes. The cakes are visually stunning, but she has very little regard to how they taste. She just cares about external beauty. In contrast, Taste is embodied by her Italian lover Roberto whom she met on a trip and now she feels she cannot get rid of him. Rona is the last one who sees Rachael and Amy Lee together. Hearing is embodied in the bittersweet story of Dr. Richard who lives in the same building and is making a list of those sounds that he wants to listen to before his hearing goes ...
Gail, a paid "escort" and sympathetic person, helps him in his quest. Smell is personified by Robert, a fun guy, cleaner by profession and Rona's best friend. He is meeting all his ex's so that he can smell true love in maybe one of them. His quest ends when the wife of one of the couple he works for gives him a perfume as a gift knowing that Robert has a crush on her husband. They all 3 end up in bed together. Touch is Ruth, a massage therapist who seems to use her practice to regain the intimacy she once had with her now deceased husband. Meanwhile Rachael and her friend Rupert use all their senses and try to discover who they truly are.

Te film was very interesting though culmination of Rona's and Roberto's story was a little weird. Everyone's acting was just superb. Its very difficult to say who was better. Clearly the only gay connection in this movie was for the cleaner but it still made me review this film here. The film also shows the struggles of people's lives and how some of us fight with loneliness.

A very well made film. (7/10)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3-Day Weekend

A story about friends hanging out together or a weekend kind of reminds you of 'Love, Valor and Compassion', and this is mentioned in the movie itself but the similarity just ended here. It is something different and a nice mix of different gay relationships (old, young, open relationship ,monogamous etc.) and enough drama to keep viewers entertained.

Long-term couple Simon and Jason, along with “daddy-ish” Cooper and his boy of the moment Ace, meet annually for a three-day weekend away from their hectic city lives. Looking to spice up this long-standing tradition, they add a special twist to this year’s retreat -- each of them must invite one attractive single friend to their mountain getaway. Arriving are a frisky former college roommate, Cameron a constantly naked yoga instructor, Simon’s uptight geeky co-worker Mac and a high-priced rent boy Andre, who do indeed stir up the weekend posing as Jason's single friend. Tensions start just when Andre walks in and Mac, Kevin and Cooper recognize him. Simon and Jason have their one more of various fights over this. They apparently have an open relationship but never bring any boy home. One day Simon, Jason and Andre end up having a threesome and Jason not liking it this time. Because of constant fighting, they just decide to separate and Jason leaves. Meanwhile Kevin makes sure he brings out the confidence in Mac and let him know hat he is smart, handsome and sexy. We see a beautiful relationship building between the two. And then we have the old Cooper with his very young boy Ace. Ace is completely in love with Cooper and wants everything in life like a regular couple with Cooper. He fears he wont have enough time with Cooper because of the huge age difference between the two. Cooper had been in hat situation when he was young and he promises Ace to be there with him. And finally we have Cameron, the college broke guy who knows he is not good at anything. He gets lots of information from Andre about being an escort and toys with the idea of joining the profession because he thinks he might be able to do something there and make some money.

The movie just walks us through different relationships - a couple breaking up, a new budding romance, a very much in love couple, a struggling with his life young boy and an escort. Performances are ok by everyone. There was nothing extraordinary about the movie in my opinion except trying to show different. Made at what looks like avery low budget, its a decent watch. Dont expect any great shakes.

Watch it for its simplicity and everyday characters. (5.5/10)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sometimes it helps going into a movie not knowing anything about it. Although thats not how I do it but its good, sometimes. This film is said to have been made for TV and I am sure it must have done well.

The most traumatic moment for a kid is when he has to go through his parents divorce. Jack is one such kid. Just about to turn 16, he is trying to deal with his parents separation for a while now. He sees his father very week. Things are ok until one day Jack's father decided to tell him that the reason they got divorced is because he is gay and is living with his partner Bob. He doesn't know how to deal with it and hates his dad. His only support is his best friend Max. Jack slowly comes around because of Maggie, the daughter of a gay friend of Jack's father. She has known this for a while and deals with the situation much better. Maggie is the hottest girl in the school and hence, Jack's father is successfully able to invite him over to his and his boyfriends aptt saying that Maggie would be visiting. Things change a bit when his best friend's Max parents, whom Jack always thought had a perfect marriage, fight and his father ends up beating his mother. By the way Max's mother had always liked Jack. The incident brings Max and Jack closer, they both grow up mentally and this is when Jack's dad help Max's family. The family ends with Jack's 16th birthday being celebrated and all close friends and family members together.

This is one of those regular family movies with a twist that the father is gay. The film beautifully handles and takes us through the mental struggle that a kid goes through not just trying to deal with the parents separation but also other things in their life.

I would say a very decent attempt by the director. (6.5/10)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Keller - Teenage Wasteland (German) [Out Of Hand]

I thought it would be an interesting film. Actually to a very little extent it was. But I feel cheated when I see a film after being told it has gay references but then it turns out something different. There was only a slight hint that one of the boys like the other but apart from that there was nothing gay about the film. More about that later.

16 year olds Paul, a poor slum living boy and Sebastian, a rich boy meet and strike friendship in no time. They are bored in life and drink alcohol, steal and attend a private school. They are caught stealing in a supermarket by an employee, a young woman named Sonia. They are thrown out by her. They follow her home and in no time kidnap her. From here starts a confusing and a dark world. The boys really dont know whey they kidnapped her. They initially did for fun but now Sebastian thinks that she will tell everyone if they release her. In all this, Paul feels a little odd. He doesn't want to be involved but he also doesn't want to let his friend down. Paul becomes more distant with Sebastian as he starts to feel attracted to Sonja, trying to help her as much as possible. While Sebastian, not admitting even to himself that he has fallen in love with Paul, feels hurt and jealous... and becomes capable of anything. Sebasian has some psychological issues maybe. In the end Paul helps the girl escape and has sex with her, all this while Sebastian being tied up and just wondering.

Like I said, its a weird dark movie which to an extent dives into the minds of teenage bored boys who have nothing to do. Performance wise I have to give good marks to both the boys. They both acted their part petty well and did a good job specially Sebastian.

A strictly Ok movie for me. Could have been shorter and much better. (4/10)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Half A Person (Canada)

An independent film made on a shoe string budget, it started off well. The acting were natural and something you could identify with but over the course of the film, I lost interest. There were to many unknowns and unanswered questions in the film.

Two 20-something friends couldn't be more different than one another. Mark is gay and involved in a relationship. He is also very sexy and has the ability to draw people to him; charismatic to a degree, but he also harbors a dark and destructive side. Alex is a straight boy who is an introvert and "desperately single". Despite being different , they complement each other so well as if they both each are half a person. As the two travel through the Ontarian countryside, they experience several mishaps and when they reach Toronto their eyes are opened by two younger girls. They also experience a journey which goes into Alex's past. Ultimately the two young men are forced to look at their unspoken feelings for each other while having to achieve maturity at the same time. In the end Alex leaves the aptt and goes by himself trying to make something out of himself.

There were too many unknowns. What happened at high school on the night thy stayed in school. What's Alex's secret past. What are the true feelings of friends for each other. It felt as if Mark like Alex but can't tell him and its difficult to gauge what Alex feels.

It could have been so much better with a tighter screenplay. (3/10)

Monday, November 10, 2008

29th & Gay

Another one in the series of films that I had seen earlier but never reviewed and hence I didn't remember whether I have seen it or not. Struggles of a soon approaching 30 year old gay guy who hasn't found a boyfriend yet forms the crux of the story of this film.

Its James' 29th birthday and he is still single. He is a struggling actor. So pretty much his career is zero and he has nothing good to do. He lives with his friend Roxy, another confused girl. He also has his best friend Brandon. James is upset that he has turned 29 and is still single and doesn't know what's wrong. He forms the typical picture of a gay man who thinks he is the best but fails to understand what's wrong with him and why cant he meet anyone. He ha a crush on Andy, a guy who works in the nearby coffee shop but he knows that Andy probably doesn't even know of his existence. James' parent are very open and supportive and they also dont know how to help. The movie drags along with various different club scenes, James trying to meet guys and failing etc. The only best moment if the film is the last 10 minutes when Andy approaches him. Starting here, it is heartening to see the tension and awkwardness that both James and Andy share. Both dont know hoe to approach the other person and hat to do. By the way Andy is this totally hot and sexy guy. The film ends with how James is trying to overcome his under-confidence and asks Andy out on a date. I loved when Andy says that 'So are you' in reference to the fact that James is very cute.

A very ordinary film but I guess most gay men might be able to relate with it sine most of us find it really difficult to find a true boyfriend although we might keep pretending that we just want to be single and explore. As I mentioned earlier, best thing is that an ordinary guy like James could able to manage to get a hottie like Andy. Most gay men would want to know how to do that. lol

Just an ok movie with last 10-15 minutes good and rest of it is average. (5.5/10)

Les Témoins (French) [The Witnesses]

Within 10 minutes into the movie and I knew I am gonna like the film. And I was correct to a large extent except that after a point the film seemed like being stretched a little too much. One other small drawback was trying to pack in a lot of different facets in one film.

Manu, a young 18 year old guy comes to Paris and stays with his sister Julie, an upcoming opera singer in the prostitute area because none of them have any money. One night while cruising Manu meets Adrien, an old doctor who is very good at heart. Slowly they become friends. Adrien helps Manu with Paris sightseeing and all that and asks in return which suits Manu fine because all he also wants is his friendship. One weekend Adrien takes Manu to meet his friend Sarah and her cop husband Mehdi. They have a baby which Sarah despises because she now realizes that she was never ready to be a mother. She is a write and wants her peace to write books. Sarah and Mehdi have a open marriage where they are allowed to have affairs. Manu has this secret crush on Mehdi which after various different turns of events, Mehdi gives into. They start having a full fledged affair without anyone knowing about it. Meanwhile Manu gets a job and he moves in suburbs of Paris thereby losing his touch with Adrien. One night when Adrien misses Manu very much, he goes to visit him and Manu tells him that he is seeing Mehdi. Adrien is broken for 2 reasons: for his friend Sarah and also because he could not get Manu for himself since he deeply loved Manu. Adrien then discovers that Manu has probably caught on HIV, a virus that just started spreading in 1984 in US. Manu breaks up with Mehdi, moves in with Adrien who takes his utmost care till he dies. Manu records his memoirs and gifts it to Sarah who then decided to write a book on it. Time passes. Adrien gets more and more busy with his research on AIDS and ultimately finds a new man in his life. Mehdi and Sarah resolve their difference and are still working to make their marriage successful.

The initial parts of the movie were very nice. Manu's flirting with Adrien, a young cute boy who wants to do something in life and also find love. HIs passion for his work, his love for Mehdi and his friendship with Adrien or for that matter with a hooker were all shown very nicely. Everyone's acting was also very nice. Considering movie is set in 80s, a lot of different facets of relationships; friends, brother sister, lovers, affairs etc are shown in avery poignant manner. I loved it. How I wished the pace of the movie was a little faster when Manu is detected with the virus. Somehow the movie seemed to drag after that but it was still very honest.

Definitely worth a watch. Manu's and Mehdi's raw chemistry to something to watch for. (7/10)

Ya lyublyu tebya (Russian) [You I Love]

I am so glad i saw the movie. I have said time and again that I am a sucker for good romantic movies which slow a real slice of life. And believe me this one could be very true to someone's life.

Tim, an advertising professional and Vera, a news anchor are very much in love. They have been dating for almost a year. On the other side, an illegal immigrant Uloomji is looking for a job and s now working in a zoo. He is a free bird. One fateful night, Uloomji has an accident by Tim's car. Since it is a police case, the hospital folks refuse to look at him and so Tim takes Uloomji to his home. When Vera comes home he tells her the whole story. Next day Uloomji comes to visit again. After a few moments of controlling himself, Tim cannot control any longer and gives into the old rough world charm of Uloomji. They both seem to fall in love with each other. When Vera finds out, she doesn't know what to do. She still loves Tim very much. Tim also cares for her but doesn't love her the way he loves Uloomji. Things start getting confused. Uloomji's parents and uncle find out about him. They take him away from Tim forcefully. But somehow Uloomji escapes. Thats when Tim decides he has had enough and he loves Uloomji very much and they will go out of the country for a vacation. But Uloomji's uncle deceives them saying that his father has died. Tim asks that Uloomji should go and visit his family otherwise he will regret for life. But thats all a lie. His parents forcefully make him join army. Both Tim and Uloomji are devastated. But they promise to be back together. 2 years later, all 3 of them are together and they even have a baby now.

The chemistry between the 2 lead actors is amazing. Tim's transformation from being a complete straight man to suddenly realizing how much he loves Uloomji is amazing. Even the romance between the two is amazing. So much love, care and respect; I would want every person to have that kind of lover or companion in his/her life. Vera's confusion was also very identifiable. A woman torn in love for a man who loves other man. Sound familiar :) I dont know why I am in short of words to write much about this, but please, please watch this movie and you instantly would want to fall in love and say 'You I love.'

No second doubts about it. Definitely worth a watch. (7.5/10)

First Out

Another collection of short stories. This one I guess promotes upcoming talent and stories of coming out of people. A good collection in which some were definitely good and some weird.

'A Good Son' - A drama which shows chance encounter between 2 teenage young boys at a game that leads to a turning point in one of their lives. The boy realizes what he really is and accepts it.
'Different' - A comedy film where being gay is normal and if you are straight, you are looked down. A different take on how things would be if things were exactly opposite when straight people would fear to come put of closet.
'Is One of You Eddie' - Another great comedy short where stereotypes are challenged as four attractive gay men unfairly judge their neighbor, Eddie, because he doesn't fit the "West Hollywood" mold. Eddie is a masseur and the neighbors realize how good he is when on very hot man goes out of his room completely satisfied.
'Meet Joe Gay' - A charming documentary by a 27-year-old gay man that expresses his attempts to understand why he is single and what it takes to have a successful relationship. A very realistic documentary and I really liked it.
'The Neighborly Thing' - The Neighborly Thing is a chilling tale about a man who has an overzealous
obsession with his upstairs neighbor.

Out of the five, I really liked the one with Eddie and the documentary. The last one was the weirdest. It did not make any sense. Its difficult to rate but I would give it an ok. (5/10)

On the Other Hand, Death

The more I watch films in this series, the more I like them. Initially I thought that I like these because they have something new to offer but they actually really have very novel stories to tell.

This mystery series starts with a woman (a secret undercover agent) arguing with Donald Strachey on how Strachey almost busted her undercover mission. In his defense, he says that he was just following her because her husband had hired him to follow her, to which she dismisses that she doesn't have a husband. He promises to get back to her when he has more details. Meanwhile here is this elderly lesbian couple who live in this small town. One of them teaches in the school. The parents now want the couple out of the town because they think that their presence if being avery bad influence on the kids and the lady is trying to make kids queer. There house is attacked by unknown. The couple have a friend Andrew, who is an old student of theirs. Andrew was Tim's ex, so Tim requests Donald to see if he can help. Donald feels something fishy about Andrew. His fears are confirmed when Andrew once tries to kiss Strachey. Anyway, the mystery continues and in the end it is revealed that the undercover agent, Andrew and a couple other people were involved in all this because of real estate. Some high profile real estate company wanted the couple to sell heir house and leave but they wouldn't because of which the company was not able to make the money that they could. A always every thing's well in the end.

I still like the chemistry between Tim and Donald very much. The small arguments that they have and how they make up for each other makes for a very sweet viewing. I must admit that this one was the least liked for me in the whole series but that was because the story was little too complicated. But I would any day like to watch more of the drama and case solving mysteries. Strachey's assistant has a good comic timing too. Andrew was very good looking.

Strachey is good. His chemistry is good. (6/10)

Totally Confused

Now this one was a really confusing film. The title just fits the film. Not just the characters in the film but to an extent even the audience is left confused. Two years ago, I might have really liked this film but after having watched much better cinema, not any more.

Wiley and Johnny are very good friends. Johnny is a budding musician who thinks he has everything in it to make big. He lives with his girlfriend Annie. Wiley is a confused guy who thinks he probably is gay but has no way to confirm it since he has had never been with either a man or a woman. The three of them hang out very often. Wiley is not very fond of Annie but still manages. Johnny has hired a manager Murray who apparently is handling his record label. Murray keep canceling his appointments with Johnny and Johnny just keeps a blind eye to everything. Meanwhile when girlfriend Annie tries to show Johnny the reality, he snubs and then she just leaves him. Wiley meanwhile is still trying to figure out what he is. Things take a turn and one night Wiley and Johnny end up sleeping together. They both like it but Johnny loves his girlfriend very much. Wiley now starts living in the dreamworld that Johnny loves him and would want to spend his entire life with him. Annie finally finds out about all this. There is a lot of melodrama and they all ultimately decide that they should not see each other for a while. The movie ends up with each one talking gibberish and going to eat something.

Every character in this movie is shown to be living in his/her own world. Both Wiley and Johnny think that they are best in what they do and how they look. They dont want to accept the reality. Its more like they are dumb characters who never grew up and are just trying to manage in this world. Performance wise I did not think anything about anyone in particular. In hindsight, given the premise of the film, each of them did a decent job.

There have been much better movies. (4.5/10)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dona Herlinda and Her Son (Spanish)

Another Spanish movie, which before it started, I thought would be interesting with an interesting title like this. After watching the movie, I realized that it was interesting in bits and parts but the main crux was somehow lost on the movie.

Dona Herlinda is this rich woman whose son Rodolfo is a doctor and is a closet gay. Though there have been instances when Dona realizes that Rodolfo is gay and has seen him fooling around with his ex boyfriends but purposely ignores everything. Rodolfo is in love with Ramon and they go out together often. Dona likes Ramon and enjoys his company. Dona is desperately trying to fix Rodolfo with a girl though she knows that there is something special between the 2 men. After months, Dona invites Ramon to live with them. Initially hesitant, he moves in because his place is rally small. Slowly he realizes that his moving in was more for Dona Herlinda's company rather than him being with Rodolfo. Slowly Rodolfo starts getting cozy with this girl Olga whom Dona wants Rodolfo to marry. Giving into his mother's wish Rodolfo decides to marry Olga. Ramon is heartbroken but he deeply loves Rodolfo and so does Rodolfo. He learns to live with it. Rodolfo and Olga move out of the mother's house and Ramon still stays back with Dona Herlinda. The life goes on. the couple has baby. Rodolfo and Ramon occasionally have their flings and they are still in love with each other. Rodolfo and Olga are living happy. And Dona Herlinda has got another son in form of Ramon even after Rodolfo has moved out after marriage.

It was interesting to see how like most moms, even after watching Rodolfo and Ramon making out, she completely ignores it hoping that Rodolfo will someday marry and have kids too. But it was heartwarming to see that she was very loving and caring for Ramon as well. Although there was a selfish motive behind all that because she never wanted to left alone by herself. And the way they ended left me asking for more. Why does Ramon deal with all this. Its not common to see someone love the other person as much as to sacrifice his own love and personal wishes. Although I must admit, it was something very nice.

An overall decent exposure and this film with a tighter screenplay can be made into a very well feature. (6/10)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Straight Men and the Men Who Love Them 2

A collection of 9 short stories. But this time its the story about straight men who end up having sex with another men.

"Tease" - A guy strips when no one i at work
"Subconsious" - A bad break up leads a man to tap into his subconcious and the way he really feels.
"Courtship at the Office" - Crossed wires lead to unexpected results when a business man confesses his affection to an associate.
"Midnight Snack" - A shocking short film. A couple celebrating their anniversary meet a filmmaker at a bar. Soon the film producer will find out that there is more than meets the eye when he finds out the couple's hidden agenda.
"Thirteen or so Minutes" - 2 guys wake up in the morning embarrassed by what happened last night since they are straight. They talk and end up confessing they loved it and would love to continue the relationship.
"The House of Adam" - The original short describes the initial relationship between Adam, a small town country restaurant worker and the relationship he develops with the son of the restautant's owner.
"Confidences" - Wedding invitations are about to be mailed when Casey abruptly calls off the wedding sending her fiance, Clay, into a tailspin. Clay's best friend Reggie (a black guy) breaches the sanctity of their friendship to bring Clay face to face with what his 'business as usual' approach toward Casey has fostered and what he must do to correct it.
"Soldier's Choice" - A dark romance about a Marine's clumsy first date. On vacation in New York City, Marine John private meets a handsome but lonely Chelsea boy named Damon. Damon assumes the Marine just wants sex but when John proposes they go out on a real "date" Damon begins to think perhaps he has finally found the man of his dreams. When the boys get caught up in a moment of passion John must choose between his devotion to the Marine Corps and his desire for love and companionship.
"Reunited" - Two childhood friends are reunited under extreme circumstances.

Out of all these films, there were only 2 shorts worth talking about : House of Adam and !3 minutes or so. Rest all were useless. My stars are only for these 2 stories. (4/10)


A very interesting film that makes a spoof on the whole invent of reality television. I wouldn't have been surprised that if this idea was picked up and they actually made a reality show out of it.

A new reality show requires a straight man to pretend to be gay and marry a gay man. He has to convince everyone and have his family over for the ceremony. All this in a week's time. Enters Malcolm, the straight man, a wannabe actor/model who wants money. When he meets the potential gay guy Spencer, he doesn't think much except that Spencer is this typical flamboyant gay guy who wears garish flaming clothes. But both of them have to go through it. Malcolm first invites his best friend Bradley who is completely blown over by the fact that Malcolm is gay and just cant believe it. Spencer's girlfriend comes and starts hitting all over Bradley. Malcolm invites his parents and a whole series of funny incidents happen when he tries to convince his ultra conservative parents that he is gay. Spencer's family turns out to be typical southerners. They have their own way of looking at things. It seems everything is fine and everyone is convinced when at the time of wedding Bradley decided to come out that he is gay and has always had crush on Malcolm but now since he is marrying Spencer , he is happy for him. Spencer realizes that they should not make fun of marriage even if they dont believe in the institution. Malcolm tells the reality to everyone and still they end up winning the money because as per show the condition was to bring their family to the wedding.

The performance is good by everyone involved. The entire film is as if you are watching a reality show. Where they show incidents and then interviews by individual members. In between all this you see the hilarious host who seems like a ghost and comes out of nowhere.

The film was a decent attempt at spoofing the reality tv and could be an ok time pass movie. (4.5/10)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Big Tease

The Big Tease is a surprisingly fun mocu-mentary movie about hairdressing as a competitive art form. My first exposure to such a genre and I cant decide if I like the genre itself. Maybe it will take time to get used to it. For this movie, it did not work for me.

Crawford Mackenzie is the up and coming gay hair stylist from Glasgow, Scotland who has received an invitation to compete in Los Angeles for the coveted "Platinum Scissors" award. Mackenzie is delighted and gets a documentary crew together to document the events. The first mishap to take place is the fact that his credit card has been maxed out, unexpected to Mackenzie because he believed the participants expenses were taken care of. Second, he finds out that he was not invited to compete, but to watch. Mackenzie takes it upon himself to earn his HAG card (Hairdressers of America Guild) so he can become eligible to compete. Stig Ludwiggssen is the main competition for Mackenzie and comes off as a pompous jerk. During all these events, he meets Candy who ends up being friends with him. She helps him in getting his HAG card an making sure he gets to at least participate in the competition. As anticipated, he ends up winning the competition.

Best part for me in the movie was the whole Scottish accent. I loved it. The actors did pretty well as far as acting is concerned. Where it failed for me was it felt a little stupid and it really didn't tickle my funny bone.

Probably could be given a miss. (3/10)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ice Blues : A Donald Strachey Mystery

I have loved Donald Strachey movies so far, so I was pretty excited to watch this one. This film is the fourth in series. I still have to watch the third one. These detective movies at least take you on a different path within gay community. The lead characters are still the same and its just another extension in their life.

Strachey’s relationship with his partner Timmy is not all well. Timmy complains about the facts that they can't do anything with friends or movies or vacations because of Strachey's late night detective assignments. Plus its dangerous and he cant sleep. Then Timmy’s pet charity, a local youth center, is threatened with closure over a lack of funds. Late one night in a parking garage a mysterious figure gives Timmy a three million dollar donation. He is later found killed. But this donation comes with some serious strings attached. Soon someone is trying to kill Tommy. Things start to go out of hand, Timmy “hires” Donald to find out who the money really belongs to. Soon they find out that Lehyman and Leyhman law firm is somehow involved and it was their black mony which they get from a local thug who makes child porn. The law firm supports them. The mysterious guy who gave the money to Timmy was actually grandson of the Lehyman who doesn't agree to anything wrong and has his conscious of his own. Turns out hat it was his own brother who killed him. Donald and Timmy are both drawn into a web of intrigue involving theft, murder, long-buried family secrets, and a child pornography ring. Meanwhile, Timmy himself gets a strong taste of the adrenaline rush that comes from being in the thick of things. “It’s amazing what’ll happen when your body wants to stay alive,” Donald tells him.

The best thing about the film as usual is the theme and nothing in your face. In the earlier series, the suspects have some gay connection but this one is very refreshing. Also we see see tender moments between the lead couple and their chemistry. I also like Strachey's assistant.

Overall a very good movie. A different genre. (7/10)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bowser Makes A Movie

The premise sounded interesting. It started off as well too. But somewhere in the initial few minutes itself, it was going nowhere. It seemed that the people had a contrived script and they just decided to make a movie out of it.

Bowser is a young gay man who manages to get fired from all possible jobs that he ever manages to get. His accomplice in his is his friend JJ who is always with him. Bowser comes up with this brilliant idea to direct porn films to make money. His ex-military dada refuses. Bowser tries to sell his idea to a publishing firm telling that he will write a book for that and make a film but the company agrees for only the book part. The head of the company (a smart sexy young married man) has a soft spot for Bowser. Bowser manages to get some funding for his film by disguising as his father and mortgaging their house. He ends up losing that money. But JJ manages to get some money from a dangerous loan shark and they start the movie. Things dont go smooth as Bowser loses his publishing job, his parents find out about the mortgage and JJ realizes that he loves Bowser unconditionally. he film ends with all these people coming together at the place where Bowser is shooting for his film and Bowser tells them what he is doing and why.

Strictly ok acting by everyone with some over the top as compared to others, there was not much in the movie that did for me. Bowser was not so good looking that every one was falling for him. The only identifiable part was a young man not knowing what he wants to do in life.

Just time pass. You might be well-off not watching the film. (4/10)

Endgame (UK)

Now this was disturbing movie and a lengthy one. The director definitely look a lot of liberties in the entire script and went along with it. The movie is strictly very ok.

Tom is a rent boy living in stunning flat somewhere London which is financed by his gangster lover/pimp Norris. Tom does little except sitting and smoking waiting for Norris to pop round, whiff a line of coke and start beating ten belts out of him. Then there is the cop Dunston who enjoys Tom from time to time. Soon Tom meets Max and Nikke , an American couple as their neighbors. For some inexplicable reason Max takes a shine to Tom and invites him round for dinner. Unfortunately when Tom returns hme, Norris is waiting for him. He gets upset and wants to torture Tom but Tom doesn't wanna take it and in a an accidental twist, Norris gets hurt and dies and turns up to his new friends for help. Conveniently they have a cottage out in the middle of nowhere in Wales where they can all flee. This turns out, luckily, to be quite handy as corrupt policeman Dunston is hunting Tom for some incriminating video tapes. Nikke and Tom get a liking for each other. Max returns home after a while but Nikke and Tom stay back and get in a relationship. Dunston gets hold of Max after he is back home, tortures him, gets information about Tom and then kills him. He reaches to that cottage, beats Nikke and Tom, Nikke dies but in the process also gets killed. The film ends with Tom's been shown as a rent boy for some caring old man.

We also get to see some background flashes from Tom's life which don't add much to the narration. Acting wise I think its pretty god except I wish Tom was shown more character. His character was very undeveloped. Others were ok but like I said it was lengthy movie and a lot more was desired from screenplay perspective.

Strictly an ok movie. (5.5/10)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Denied (Canada)

Shot almost entirely in a basement apartment with lighting coming from a few table and bed lights this film is very dark. In at least half the scenes you have a very difficult time seeing the leads faces! Compounding the downside of this film is a really bad soundtrack, with lots of thumps, knocks and barely audible dialog.

College dropouts Troy and Merrick share an apartment in a dead-end town. They appear to sleep together sometimes, but their own mental issues plus a psychotic former girlfriend sabotage their chances at a relationship. Maybe it's mostly about unrequited love but its just plain dull and annoying. There is nothing more than this that I would like to write about this film.

It was simply BAD. (0/10)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Like a few other movies, 5 minutes into the movie I realize that I have seen this movie before. But what the heck, since I dont remember it anyway, might as well watch it. And it was frankly not that bad although lot of it did not make any sense.

Jackson, a blue haired, skinny LA poet works in a music store for his friend Sam, who owns the store. Jackson is infatuated with Billy, a guy whom he saw in an orgy party. One day he meets him but son realizes that he is into SnM with a famous singer for whom actually Jackson is writing lyrics. Meanwhile there is this good looking neighbor Derek, who seems to be completely in love with Jackson and keeps visiting the store just to look at him but obviously Jackson is completely clueless. One day he finds the courage and tells Jackson. They kiss but Jackson doesn't feel anything. Enters Jackson's cousin who is a typical straight guy. Jackson gets infatuated with him and seriously starts contemplating incest. But he is soon lured by one of his lesbian friends. A sudden twist happens in the story when San commits suicide and leaves a tape for Jackson mentioning that how much he loved him and since he knows he can never have him , he just doesn't want to live anymore. Jackson gets a shock by this and runs to Derek. He asks him if he still loves him. But when Derek asks does Jackson love him, he ays he can try and they hug. The movie ends soon.

So what was the whole point? I don't know. I think they were trying to depict that although you can be infatuated and think that you love some one but try to be compassionate for people who actually love you. There were no explanations given as to why everyone was all over Jackson. He was just some ordinary guy. A couple of full frontal nude shos was a good saving grace of the film. Acting wise it was strictly ok.

Neither exceptional but not completely awful. (5/10)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh Happy Day (UK)

There are very few gay romantic comedy films. So in that sense watching this movie was interesting. Its 2 hours of escapism on how and what you would define happiness in life.

David and Jonathan meet at a advertising awards party and end up having a one night stand which later turns out to be a small date with Jonathan's family when Jonathan's daughter and ex wife welcome him in the morning. The blond David from New York likes black Jonathan's family (they live in England) and they spend some time together and decide to meet later. Next day they realize that David is actually client for Jonathan's company and they will be working together for a while. Jonathan completely freaks out and asks David that they should forget what happened and concentrate on work. David is hurt but goes along with it. They both try to bring each other down during this period (some hilarious sequences) but ultimately realize that they love each other and like to be with each other. During this process, we realize that Jonathan has commitment issues. He is not what he seems to be. He is not very happy in life but pretends to be. David tries to change him but fails. Also Jonathan likes to be in charge of things. The campaign he designs is not acceptable o David but for job security, Jonathan sees it as the right campaign even though it is not the truth. David breaks up with him. Jonathan son realizes that he is in love and sometimes to be happy you have to accept other things. Jonathan finally gives in, comes out of his misery and tells the world who he really is.

The main cast was very interesting. Good looking an acted well by both. In the supporting cast, I loved the 2 old women. They were pretty darn cool. Jonathan's daughter Poppy was also nice. Overall a realistic gay fun and romance.

Its a good time pass. I liked it. (6/10)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

The second movie in series takes a different turn this time. In he first series the girl asks her straight room mate to pretend to be gay to get the girl and here something reverse happens.

After Kyle and Marc breaks because of trivial issues, Kyle doesn't know what to do. Marc is the hot guy and Kyle always suspects him. Marc along-with girlfriends Tiffany and Gwen attend a arts class where they meet a naked hot model Troy. Troy is confused about his sexuality. With Gwen and Tiffany's help Kyle pretends that he is gay turned straight and can help Troy with it. His ultimate motive is to sleep with him. Meanwhile Marc sees this and he befriends Troy but doesn't lie to him. They become hang out buddies and eventually when they try to have sex, Marc flips out. He still has feelings for Kyle. Troy soon finds out that Kyle had been lying to him to get into bed with him. Towards the end everything is fine. They all become friends and after a series of incidents on campus, Kyle and Marc get back together.

There is nothing new as far as story is concerned. Even otherwise it is one of those mindless movies which are for pure entertainment purposes and which depict a typical stereotype events in a gay man's life. These things are fun initially but after a while you get bored of it. This was very simple story and simple treatment , kind of no harm done fun. Marc was so hot. Much hotter than what he was in the Curiosity of Chance.

A simple entertainer that does exactly what it promises. (5/10)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Boys Briefs (Short story collection)

This movie was a collection of 6 short stories. Only 3 of them are worth talking about it. Rest three were weird and more like just fillers.

"The Absolution of Anthony" - Depicting a 16-year-old boy living with a Catholic grandfather in Bronx. Ups and downs of his life and how he deals.
"Smear" - Telling the story of a boy who is in love with a straight friend. (did not make any sense to me)
"Front Room" - An experimental short showing a gay physical relationship.(stupid.. very stupid)
"Fairy Tale" - Todd is visiting his family with his partner Eric to introduce to them. How his parents react and how it affects Eric's and Todd's relationship.
"Ferkel" AKA "Piglets" - Showing an old lady who tries to ruin a sexual encounter.(Funny yet stupid)
"Stanley Beloved" - Telling the story of a boy who, before going to study abroad, decides to spend a summer day with his best friend.

Fairy Tale, Stanley Beloved and to an extent Absolution of Anthony are the only ones worth talking about. Rest were just paper thin plots with little or no meaning at all.

A different experience for short films. Ratings for only decent short films in it. (5/10)

No One Sleeps

So I see a gay movie after such along time and boy was it a disappointment. I keep asking this question again and again. Why do people make movies, wen they clearly know that its not going to work.

A serial killer is haunting the gay bars of the city and is killing HIV positive young men. He paints the bodies of each of his victims with a red cross. A young gay East German medical student, Stefan arrives in the city for a medical congress and is following the trail of his dead father,who was investigating whether the HIV virus was an incremental result of secret human experiments that were conducted in US prisons in the seventies. Secret lists involving these biological experiments are rumored to have surfaced in San Francisco. Stefan begins to neglect his work and is drawn into San Francisco's gay club scene. More than once, Stefan crosses the serial killer's trail and he comes to the attention of Homicide Detective Louise Tolliver, the SFPD officer in charge of the investigation. The tough woman detective brings Stefan in for an interview. Duirng his cruising in clubs he becomes involved with the enigmatic Jeffrey who fits vague descriptions of the murderer. Its soon apparent that Jeffrey has been infected for year with HIV. Jeffrey doesn't believe in the signs of Stefan's feelings for him. Stefan wants to win Jeffrey's trust and affection, but to achieve that, he has to free Jeffrey from his own gay self-hatred. Detective Louise Tolliver seeks further contact with Stefan in order to open up new avenues in the case. Stefan blocks her out of distrust. Another murder is committed, and the trail of the victim leads to the neurologist Dr. Burroughs who has also treated Jeffrey in the past. Stefan's suspicion falls again on Jeffrey, who again pushes Stefan away. Then Stefan discovers that Burroughs is probably in possession of the secret government lists, and that Burrough's influence is by no means confined to San Francisco. But by this time Stefan is the hunted, just as Louise Tolliver begins to focus her investigation on him. Stefan senses the solution is near, but he knows that he can conquer the endless ritual of destroying and being destroyed only if he confronts heads-on the greatest dangers: Jeffrey, Burroughs, and his own darkest side.

Very abrupt acting and editing. The movie just keeps moving form one point to another leaving the viewer completely confused. To sum it up, this movie is BORING. (1/10)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Forgiving the Franklins

Another really bad movie. And after I saw the film, I read some of the reviews online and they were all good. It seems like when I sit to watch a movie, my viewpoint is totally different from what other's is.

The Franklins are Bible belt Christians: Frank's a lawyer, Betty's a homemaker focused on her children and her church, Brian is a senior who plays football, his younger sister Caroline is a cheerleader who thinks she's fat, prays often, and is impatient with God. When the family is in a car crash, all but Caroline are in a coma during which they see Jesus who removes their inhibitions and their piety. Awake and refreshed, Frank, Betty, and Brian discover their sexuality, their independence from Sunday worship and formal prayer, and the ability to talk frankly. Caroline - and her godmother, Betty's best friend, Peggy - are horrified. Ultimately they are forgiven by the community and they die in peace.

Weird story and a very weird treatment. Just because Brian realizes he is gay, does not make this movie fit under gay cinema. Acting was over the top and I could not understand the whole purpose be. Terribly disappointing. (2/10)

Six Degrees of Separation

This movie started off as an interesting movie but somewhere along it lost steam. There were so many unanswered questions, that I lost grip on the film after a certain time. Top of it, except the fact that Paul , the main guy gay, there was nothing else remotely close to being gay or anything for this movie. SO my review is going to be very short.

Paul wants to be rich and famous. In Ny art dealers Mr and Mrs Kittredge get a visit from Paul who claims to be their kids friend from school. He charms them with his mannerisms and everything. The next morning they find him having sex with a guy and they throw him out. Nothing from the house is stolen or taken. hats where they start telling the story to various people in the process finding out some hidden truths about him and how he was doing all this so hat he could just be known and recognized in the high society circle. For me personally they dont even explain why this film was called this because they never give any justification.

Wonderful performances by everyone was the only saving grace of the film. If they tried to keep the narrative simple, I probably would have liked it but like I said, somewhere down the line, the film lost my interest.

Watch it only for performances and something different. (5.5/10)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Liebe in Gedanken (Germany) [Love In Thoughts]

The movie started off very interesting. Very different, beautiful scenery and it seemed to be presenting something different. But then at some point it lost my interest just like that. The only one reason that I can think of is hat the film was slow paced. Furthermore all the characters were kind of grey and their character was not build properly.

The film starts with Paul being questioned about their suicide club where everyone died except him and the film goes in flashback. Paul and Gunther are best friends. Gunther is gay and Paul is virgin. They know it but still are close. Gunther invites Paul to spend the weekend at his parents house outside Berlin hoping Paul to introduce to his sister Hilde. Hilde is a free spirit who believes that it's ok for a woman to have several lovers at once but she's never looked at Paul that way. She is much more fascinated with Hans a boy from a much lower class who works in the kitchen of a restaurant/dance club that she and Günther frequent. Problem is Günther is also in love with Hans. Hans and gunther have some history which is not clearly explained. Paul is completely smitten by Hilde but fails to understand her behavior. They have a huge arty on the weekend at the house and Hans also ends up their. Their begins Hilde's and Gunther' quest for who can charm Hans. Somewhere along this, Gunther and Paul decide to make a suicide club based on the idea that we can be really happy only once in our lives and afterwards we're punished for that one moment of immense happiness by having the bitter memory of it. They decide that once this moment is over, they should kill themselves and the person who took them their happiness/love away, as well, before they feel miserable. So since Gunther is unable to win Hans and he sees him with his sister, he kills him and himself.

Apart from the fact that Gunther is gay , there is nothing else. I failed to understand what the director was trying to say with this movie. One thing is for sure, people who like o watch artistic and poetic cinema will leap up this movie but for others it can turn out to be a sore thumb. There was no unnecessary sex or nudity which was great. The cast acted well. I can't decide whether I liked it or hated it. I guess somewhere in between.

Recommended only for serious poetic cinema lovers. (5/10)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing Time on Maple Drive

Wow! This was such a great film. I like these kind of families where in they show interaction between members of the family and whats going on in their lives. The Family Stone was one such film which I absolutely loved. I had no idea what I was going to expect before I saw this movie but I was so happy that I saw this one. Most of us at some point would be able to relate to one or the other incident in the film.

The film starts with Lisa and Phil waiting for their son Matt's visit with his fiance Allison. Their daughter Karen also comes in for vacation with her husband Tom. They also have another son Tim who has alcohol issues. Lisa and Phil dote on Matt and he is their perfect kid. SO they want everything perfect for his visit. The film keeps going showing various interactions between members of the family. They show how all kids are so bound by what their parents want from them. Karen and Tom want to have a baby but Karen always makes excuse. But the real reason is that she is afraid her parents would not approve of her having a kid considering Tom does not earn very well. During all these times whenever anyone mentions Kyle, Matt's best friend at a time, Lisa and Matt change the subject. Tim on the other hand has always been n the receiving end of his father. He tries his best but his father is never happy and Tim ends up drinking often. Well the worse happens and one day Allison finds out that Matt is probably gay. She finds a letter in Matt's coat written by Kyle to him. She dumps him and goes back to her home. Matt does not have courage to tell his family the truth and lies to them that she had some urgent work. He attempts to commit suicide, ends up in hospital after accident where Kyle visits him but just leaves flowers and goes. When he recovers and reaches home, his mom is crying because she has a letter from Allison on how she is sorry for everything. LIsa wants to know what is going on. Matt loses it and says that he will tell exactly what is going on. Mom already knows but se does not want to hear. He ultimately blurts but that he is gay and it was not an accident but suicide attempt. Lisa and Phil are devastated. Phil realizes that he had been a harsh dad and always expected Matt to be the perfect son. BUt reality is far from it. He tries to understand his son and talks to him but Lisa is totally broke. She is more worried about social humiliation etc. There are background stories of Tim, Karen and Tom too. The film ends u with Matt giving Kyle a call and requesting to meet him.

It was an amazing film in all respects. Perfect and amazing acting. You can so feel that no family is perfect. Every family has some or the other secret. You sometimes face it or sometimes ignore it even if you know it. The whole tribulation in Matt's mind about how will he ever tell his parents the truth and how their life could be devastated is sown beautifully. Also the circumstances under which he finally tells them and then parents reaction, its just beautiful. I loved it. I wished they had elaborated on Tim's character a little more. Karen and Tm were sweet. Tom was like the sweetest person ever.

Just like Family Stone, I can watch this move again. (8/10)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

J'embrasse pas (French) [I Don't Kiss]

I hate it when I end up watching stupid movies and wonder to myself "What was I thinking when I decided to see this film". Its strange because usually the French gay cinema offers so many good films but I guess there are one off cases everywhere. This one was definitely one of the off cases.

20 something Pierre leaves his native town and comes to Paris to become something. He starts working as a server and does not earn much. He starts having an affair with an old lady. He also dreams of becoming an actor. One night he mets a famous old guy who wants to be friendly with him and help him but Pierre shrugs away because the guy was gay. This old guy can be sen every night picking up a prostitute guy. Pierre hates him. Soon reality bites. He looses his job, forgets about his acting classes and just wants to survive because he is broke. He decides to take up prostitution which he so far just hated. He does good at this job. During this time, he meets this girl prostitute whom he likes but her imp ends up beating Pierre. In the end Pierre is out with all choices. He joins army to prove to himself he can do something.

The acting from the lead was interesting but apart from that nothing was the least impressive in this movie. It kept moving eirdly. There were no explanations given for certain situations. All the characters were half baked. I just barely managed to somehow sit through the movie.

Absolute no-no for me. Don't bother. (2/10)

Harry and Max

LIfe is confusing. Relationships also can be very confusing. But there are very few directors who can portray it on the screen. I must give applause to the director of this film to take u such a complicated and controversial subject and make this film. Although I personally am very much against the whole incest thing but the way its shown in this film is pure. here is no right or won. It is what it is.

23 year old Harry takes a detour on his way to Japan to take his 16 year old brother Max for camping. Both Harry and Max are singing pop idols. On their first night of camping Ma gives Harry a blow-job, Harry does not stop him because he is reminded of days 2 years back in Bermuda. Clearly w see that Max has string feelings for his brother both brotherly and sexually. But certain things are wrong and Harry knows that to a certain extent. The camping trip is over during which Max tries to seduce his brother but fails. Both brothers talk about who all they have been with. Turns out Max first time was with his yoga teacher Josiah,whom he loved very much but since it was wrong they stopped seeing each other. After the trip is over, Harry has strong feelings for his brother Max but sine he cant do anything about him, he ends ups educing Josiah. But he also wants Josiah to find if Max feels the same way about Harry. Max lives with Nikki who is Harry's ex girlfriend. After this trip, I guess Max is frustrated and ends p having sex with Nikki. There is awkwardness but things are fine. By now Harry is completely into his brother. He visits and tells nikki about it. This pisses Max off and he gets very upset with Max. Harry says that he wants to be with Max and love him but things were not supposed to be the way they were. Two years later, Harry visits his brother and his boyfriend and again makes a fool out of himself by proposing a 3some. Nothing happens. Relationships still stay afloat. Harry lives in Japan most of the time where he has a huge fan following, He occasionally visits Max and his boyfriend.

The best thing that I liked about the movie was honestly and openness. Each character was very open about their feelings. They said what hey felt like which would be so nice if people would do that in real life. Every character in the movie was going through his/her own confusions. There is no judgement whether what happened was right or wrong. Its a slice of life. Some lie it, some dont. I might not agree to it but I would appreciate the craftsmanship. Oh btw did I say that I thought Harry was very hot.

The film was pretty decent and I liked it. Not everyone might be able to sit through because of the controversial nature of it. (6.5/10)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Young The Gay and The Restless

Not until I read a couple of reviews online did I realize that this movie was supposed to b a spoof on how the daily soaps are directed with sudden breaks, quick scenes between characters that flash on and off the screen, actors that are attractive despite being unable to demonstrate even the basics of the art of acting; situations over the top just to keep the plot from sinking into the absurd.

The story of the film is simple. Millionaire victoria Gaylord is celebrating her 10th anniversary with Francis Gaylord. She is throwing a big party but is at the same time struggling with her illness. She faints at the party which is later cancelled. Francis calls Dr Bender who starts arguing to him about her best interestes. Victoria's adopted daughter Cynthia comes in to visit with her homophobic husband Philip, who all he does is work out in the gym. Philip does not want to go because he does not want to get hit on by Nicholas, Cynthia's brother. Victoria has had strained relationship with her mom for a while. Victoria has another adopted son Josh who is having an affair with Victoria. Meanwhile there is also the housekeep Andrew, a flirty gay boy who is dealing with his ex, a couple of new prospects and a Asian girl who wants to be Andrew's first 'try it once' woman. Last we see nurse Jones coming in, a black girl who was abandoned by Victoria 15 years ago because she was jealous of her. Victoria has had affair with the doctor and so has Jones. Jones shoots Victoria and Philip in turn shoots Jones. Nicholas meanwhile is trying to understand why Philip is homophobic and later finds out that he was molested when he was young by Philip. Turns out Philip also molested Nicholas and Josh as well. Philip in the end turns up having sex with Nichlas. Eventually everyone is after Victoria's money. Film ends with Dr putting Victoria's brian in Jones body and family members getting a shock.

Plot sounds complicated but it was not. It seemed everyone was having affair with everyone and was being molested. It was the weirdest family relation. Performance wise I think everyone was supposed to be over the top which believe me they were right on it. You would be like 'What the hell is going on?' Victoria was most dramatic. I am still not sure whether her character was supposed to be that of a tranny or not! The boys were good looking to hot. The direction was dramatic. I was wondering at times if this was supposed to be spoof. If yes, then on what. I only found out later.

SOme spoofs fall flat. You dont laugh at all but you dont get bored either. (4.5/10)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clandestinos (Spanish)

I can makeup my mind whether I liked this movie or not. Actually I did not like the movie but to what extent I did not like it, I am not sure. Hopefully by the time I am done with writing this review, I would know.

Xabi, Driss and Joel run away from a jail for minors. They are all 17 year olds. They travel to Madrid. Xabi is looking for his friend Lika, a very old man. Their relationship is not very clear. He just keeps referring to him as a friend. On their trip to Madrid, they meet 2 girls. Joel hooks up with one of them and on reaching Madrid starts living with them. The other fatty girl likes Driss, an Arab guy but he wants to help Xabi with his search for his friend. Xabi hooks up with an old cop and steals his pistl. He wants to become a terrorist because we figure that this is what Lika was doing. Lika and Xabi were actually in a relationship which breaks when Xabi finds out that Lika is training for terrorism. Xabi wants to please Lika , so he tries to make a bomb and create a scene in Madrid. WIh Driss's help they do a bomb blast in Madrid. Somehow the faty figures out that Xabi and Driss had a hand in this and informs the police. Police asks them for details. They give in and are put in jail. The cop with whom Xabi hooked up gets involved with him and takes care of him. The girls visit the boys in jail.

Apart from the fact that Xabi was gay and was involved with an old man, there is nothing remotely gay about this movie. Xabi liking men does not bring any different angle in the story. The performances were strictly ok. The teen guys were good looking and acted ok. A carefree attitude by teens was a little disturbing.

Nothing great but not awfully bad. I managed to sit through. (4/10)