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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A first time attempt by the actor director, this film was just about ok. It according to me was a film more about friendship between 2 guys one of which happens to be gay rather than the whole gay life style story. As a first attempt, it was only a decent outcome.

Jack lives with his girlfriend and is a worker in some factory. His best friend David works in a comedy club and has this thing of flirting with girls all the time and hooking up with them. As the movie progress. its shown how the 2 friends are very close o each other and how Jack's girlfriend is frustrated with lessening interest of Jack in her. She ultimately decides to leave him and doesn't even get a angry reaction from Jack. After this incident Jack and David move in together after renting a place in suburbs of Chicago since it would be cheap. Now we are suddenly shown Jack playing around with men. This comes just suddenly. As a viewer you are thinking how and when did this all start. There is no explanation provided. In one of the many discussions, Jack comes out to David and David is shown pretty cool about it. That was a good scene when Jack comes out and then David asks "Does it mean you are not gonna help me out in picking up girls?". I thought that was casual and subtle. What follows is just conflicts between 2 friends in which they try to understand each other, take care of each other and also leading their gay and straight life respectively. Jack is shown more confusing because he wants to get in a relationship and is not able to do so. Eventually David also just wants to get settled on his own with someone and does not wanna just flirt anymore. Finally the friends part and just move on to their separate ways.

This kind pf ending to a movie was a little confusing to me. By the time movie ends, I was confused behind the intention of this movie. Acting wise, its just an ok job done by both lead characters. Very low production values and an ok story does little justice to the entire premise.

Watch it only if you have nothing else to do. Keep remote next to you to keep fast forwarding. (4.5/10)


Luigi C said...

Recently watched it : as usual Your rate was right . I was very disappointed may be I hoped a romantic story between the two guys .
But it is just me : love sunset ending .

Golu said...

Only if all our hopes and wishes could come true. :)