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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Angel Named Billy

This is one of those movies which are dragged for no reasons. Some of the characters are stretched for no reasons. Like the whole introduction of Billy and his dad was not required. Anyways, its a simple story otherwise.

Billy has an alcoholic father. One day he sees Billy kissing his friend and he throws him out of home since he is gay. Billy lands up in LA. There he meets Guy working in a cafe who helps him for a couple of days and becomes his friend. Billy find an ad for a job where James is looking for a help for his dad Mark kAnderson, a recent victim of stroke. Since James is usually busy with his assignments, he wants someone to take care of his dad. Mark is straight but his best friend is your over the top drag queen Thomas. James is gay too and has a troubled relationship with his ex since his ex was a drug addict. He is lonely and looking for love. Billy starts working and charms everyone with his hard work and dedication. James start falling for him and they become lovers. Mark dies and Billy and James get married.

Simple story. Not much to offer except that the acting was very very amateurish, specially James. He was so fake and kind of annoying. Billy was ok. There is not much I wanna say more about the movie.

Strictly ok. Not much to offer in any terms. (5/10)

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