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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Why? Why? Why? Why did the director ever make this movie. Just about everything in this movie was bad. Poor performances, awful sets which look so fake, no storyline, poor cinematography. The saving grace in such films is usually good physical sex scenes but even that was not there in this movie. After a long time I had to fast forward and see a movie just because it was so damn boring.

French sailor Querelle arrives in Brest and starts frequenting a strange whorehouse. He discovers that his brother Robert is the lover of the lady owner, Lysiane. Here, you can play dice with Nono, Lysiane's husband : if you win, you are allowed to make love with Lysiane, if you lose, you have to make love with Nono... Querelle loses on purpose. Sound interesting but believe me it was not. It was a bad bad film. Except for the lead main character, all the other men were so un attractive. The movie is supposedly based on some book. I wonder what kind of book was that. The acting is completely theatrical, the sets are made out of cardboard, the photography is lousy and worst of all the script is vague, non-consistent and boring. There are some vague murders. Even mixing sex with crime and murders was just not appealing.

One of the worst gay movies I have seen in times. Just stay away. (0.5/10)


Pitbullshark said...

Wasn't this always supposed to be some great gay film classic? I never saw it. I used to correspond for a while with a very talented young straight filmmaker who was open enough to take a course in film school on the subject of gays in film. He really wanted to learn and to be accepting. But, he said all the movies were stuff like this that he absolutely HATED, and I am sorry to say that since these films were his only experience with homosexuality, they turned him into a raving homophobe. So not only can these movies be bad, they can also hurt society in general.

Golu said...

Yes but that probably must have been a long time ago. In fact, even when I saw this film, as you can probably see from my blog, I was very new to watching gay cinema. And then years later I read how this one is supposed to be one of the gay classics but I dont have have strength to even think of watching it for the second time

Pitbullshark said...

I blame my friend's professor, who had selected the films that he chose to show the students, which included nothing current or affirming. It was as though the professor was a member of the Christian Right and he was trying to show everything bad about homosexuality that he could find.

I suggested for my friend many films that he might like to see, instead, but by then, the damage was done and he didn't want to see ANY gay films anymore.

owowo said...

The world is nice because it's diverse :) as much as I respect your own opinion, I have to say I completely disagree. I think this is one of the most interesting movies I've ever seen. The scenario is like a fairy tale's, the characters speak like book pages rather than living people, the on-going events are many and yet completely non influential to the story telling compared to the dialogues. I'm not trying to change your mind, I'm just adding my personal point of view;)

Golu said...

Firstly, thank u so much by saying that everyone has a right to their opinion. And thats what I tell everyone that an individual's taste in everything could be very very different. So Thank you. Regarding this film, I have to be honest. I saw it way back in 2007 when I had just started watching gay films and I was looking for more action and drama and probably never bothered to look more deeper than that. You never know at some point, I might give this film another shot and change my mind. Never say never.