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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Love and Death on Long Island (UK/Canada)

First of all I should make one thing clear. This is not a gay themed movie. There are just hints of the lead character idolizing a screen actor but thats about it. This does not qualify this movie to be a gay based movie. Nothing against the movie, but when I wanna see a gay themed movie, I expect something more and not just whats shown in the movie.

Giles, a Brit writer and a widower does not like anything modern including television. One night he accidentally get locked out and ends up watching a movie. He mistakenly goes to the wrong screen and is about to leave the crap teen flick till he sees this young actor Ronnie Bostock who immediately strikes his fantasy. From here starts the journey of Giles love and almost obsession towards Ronnie that makes him watch all his movies and travel to Long Island near New York. He plans all his moves and ends up meeting the actor through his girlfriend and befriends them pretending to be his biggest fan who has seen all his movies. Things are fine until one day he tests Ronnie's patience and declares his love for him when Ronnie is about to go to LA for his shoot. Ronnie does not take this positively and the movie ends up with Giles going back to London and Ronnie still living with his fiance.

The movie has some decent performances with some funny scenes where they show Giles getting used to all the modern electronics and the way he plans the entire thing to meet Ronnie. I particularly didn't enjoy the movie very much mostly because I was expecting something more surreal and touching after reading the movie title.

I might have liked it if I saw it as yet another Hollywood movie and not as a gay themed movie. (4/10)

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure I really understood this movie sure the older dude fell for the younger dude but like why!? I did not find his acting at all that interesting in any of the movies Giles watched. It was an okay movie sorta but not really sure where the person wanted the story to go seeing as how no one was really happy at the end. At least thats what I felt no one was happy. LOL! Yes the old man being brought into the 20th century was really funny to watch! Avoid this film there are others out there to see besides this mess.