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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love! Valour! Compassion!

This is a film that I enjoyed watching. A simple film which shows 8 gay men and them spending 3 different weekends with each other in one year and the events that happen in their life. There are stories that go around revolving around these men which touch your heart, make you cry, bring a smile, entertain you and then at the same time also make you think that any of these characters could be you.

Gregory lives in his old 19th century house in uptown NY with his blind partner Bobby. He invites over his friends for memorial day weekend. The story then later takes you to July 4th and then labor day weekend. Among the friends are Art and Perry who have been together for 14 years and are celebrating their anniversary; John, a Briton who loathes his twin brother James; Ramon, John's "companion," (who by the way was so handsome and attractive Latino) who is physically attracted to Bobby and immediately tries to seduce the blind man; James, a cheerful soul who is in the advanced stages of AIDS (his character is shown very funny); and Buzz, a fan of traditional Broadway musicals who is dealing with his own HIV positive status. Ramon is hottest and youngest among the group and tries to seduce Bobby and succeeds to some extent. But Bobby realizes its a mistake and then apologizes to Gregory who first gets mad and then gives another chance to their relationship. Art and Perry are still shown being so much in love and working on every day. Buzz initially is shown as the guy who just hates everything because he cannot have a lover etc but after he meets James, his outlook changes and they are shown to then share a amazing relationship.

Love between various pairs is both lustful, heat of the moment and as a more tender one that takes years to cultivate. Valour is shown for Buzz and James who deal most intimately with the HIV , struggling to live gracefully even in the face of a painful and prolonged death. Compassion in the fact that even though there are differences between each of them, they quietly help each other through difficult times until the end of the film.

This film for me was a feel good film, the ones that I prefer. It was humorous in parts with some very witty one liners. Very much recommended. (7.5/10)


Anonymous said...

If I was a character out of this film I would see myself as the body of Buzz with the attitude of the partner "full of vile". I see how when you get a house full of gay men things can happen and I dont really blame either Ramon or Bobby. Emotions run rampid not that we are all dogs and go around sniffing each others ass and fuck like animals but still I understand how things can just get out of hand. I think because aids is a large part of this storyline the movie made me sad. Knowing how hard a lifestyle gay persons already live. I enjoyed all the acting in this movie and would gladly watch it again as long as I was not alone. I also would buy this film to show off to others its a very safe film and one I think anyone could enjoy!

mickel said...

i love this film. it is like all in 1.
and it made me cry so hard in the part they are telling what happen to them in the future.

Golu said...

Yes Mickel, I know exactly what you are talking about