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Monday, September 10, 2007

Get A Life

Don't even get swayed by the tagline "I want a straight lover who is gay just for me". 5 minutes into the movie and I was wondering what the heck is this movie. I am still asked to even tell someone that what a crappy movie I saw. What I fail to understand is that what was the intention behind making such a movie and then to top it, mislead people by putting in taglines which will make people flock to rent DVD and watch it.

I want to tell the story but there is not even a story in the movie. Jamie meets a curious bisexual at a sleazy book store where both of them are frequent visitors. The store gets raided once and Jamie ends up being with an old man Hal. The two who used to hate each other (Hal used to steal all Jamie's hot tricks in the bookstore) become the closest of friends and decide that there is an alternative to gay life. Ultimately its just shown how Jamie keeps experimenting and looking for that ideal guy in his life whom he ultimately finds out to be as one of his co-workers at the mechanic shop whom he always thought was straight.

Movie had bad production, awful acting. Don't even think of wasting any time watching this movie. Its bad..bad..bad. (1/10)

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