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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love! Valour! Compassion!

This is a film that I enjoyed watching. A simple film which shows 8 gay men and them spending 3 different weekends with each other in one year and the events that happen in their life. There are stories that go around revolving around these men which touch your heart, make you cry, bring a smile, entertain you and then at the same time also make you think that any of these characters could be you.

Gregory lives in his old 19th century house in uptown NY with his blind partner Bobby. He invites over his friends for memorial day weekend. The story then later takes you to July 4th and then labor day weekend. Among the friends are Art and Perry who have been together for 14 years and are celebrating their anniversary; John, a Briton who loathes his twin brother James; Ramon, John's "companion," (who by the way was so handsome and attractive Latino) who is physically attracted to Bobby and immediately tries to seduce the blind man; James, a cheerful soul who is in the advanced stages of AIDS (his character is shown very funny); and Buzz, a fan of traditional Broadway musicals who is dealing with his own HIV positive status. Ramon is hottest and youngest among the group and tries to seduce Bobby and succeeds to some extent. But Bobby realizes its a mistake and then apologizes to Gregory who first gets mad and then gives another chance to their relationship. Art and Perry are still shown being so much in love and working on every day. Buzz initially is shown as the guy who just hates everything because he cannot have a lover etc but after he meets James, his outlook changes and they are shown to then share a amazing relationship.

Love between various pairs is both lustful, heat of the moment and as a more tender one that takes years to cultivate. Valour is shown for Buzz and James who deal most intimately with the HIV , struggling to live gracefully even in the face of a painful and prolonged death. Compassion in the fact that even though there are differences between each of them, they quietly help each other through difficult times until the end of the film.

This film for me was a feel good film, the ones that I prefer. It was humorous in parts with some very witty one liners. Very much recommended. (7.5/10)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Longtime Companion

This film I believe is one of the earliest films to throw a light on what actually happened when the HIV virus was discovered and how the whole gay community reacted to it. The film revolves around a group of friends who are shown related to one another in one way or other. It shows what's the affect of the virus on the lives of these people as it devastates the lives of our characters. As the film progresses, we are introduced to a group of gay friends and their mates, who spend much time together in vacationing on Fire Island, the gay resort, and in the hospital visiting each other when stricken with the unknown disease that has become a plague amongst us today. It is difficult to tell the plot as one specific story because there are many characters inter-woven but again, this has to be the arguably best movie which truly depicts gay life in 80s and the fact that how people reacted to it. Plus the fact that there can be true friendship even within gay community was very heartwarming to see.

The movie is true to life with some of the best performances from the characters. Everyone was great. In fact a couple of scenes did bring tears to your eyes. I personally was choking just to realize that there must have been people in real life who must have gone through a similar situation. I was scared to even think about that and this led me with feeling sad for them. The scene where a lover tells his dying partner that its ok to die and leave all the worries is the BEST scene of the movie. Another one when one of the lover is crying afer he knows that his partner has caught the virus is also very touching. Without being in your face, these scenes tell you whatreal love is all about. Some of the hospital scenes are deadly, scary but very touching in a different sense.

Today we all keeping talking about safe sex etc but after you see this movie, you will realize how serious you should be about i. Because you definitely don't want to end up being one of those dying characters in the movie. Interestingly, the title of the film comes from the New York Times' refusal to acknowledge homosexual relationships in their obituary section during this period. Instead, survivors were referred to as "Longtime Companions" of the deceased.

A highly recommend film for everyone to see. You'll come away with a different attitude about not only gay life, but the killing HIV disease. (8/10)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Love and Other Disasters (UK)

Now this is the kind of movie that I personally prefer. Romantic comedy with gay based theme, its just perfect.

Emily called Jacks by her friend works at a fashion magazine. She is roommates with Peter (who I must say is very cute) who happens to be gay. She tries to hook up Peter to few people and wants him to be happy. Jacks herself is seeing James but she is not very serious about him, James wants to be serous but she is just hanging around. One day an Argentinean guy named Paolo comes into her office. She thinks he is guy and tries to hook him up with Peter but Paolo tells Peter the truth but asks him not to tell Jacks. Jacks start liking Paolo but she still thinks he is gay. Eventually everyone realizes he is straight. Meanwhile Peter has this crush on some guy but after a long time when he meets this guy David, its not what he expected to be. Thats when Jacks tries to tell him that sometimes u have to give other people also a chance without expecting anything back in return. Life would be much better.

In the end Jack ends up with Paolo and Peter with some guy. The movie is very very funny at most parts. I forget the name of character but the girl who plays role of a friend of Jacks and Peter's is hilarious. She is shown falling for every other guy she meets. She is hilarious.

Cute looking Peter, a very hot Paolo and brilliant acting by everyone, this one brings a smile on your face and makes you laugh hard. At leas it did that for me. (7.5/10)

Monday, September 17, 2007


I was very confused by the title itself but the lighting outsde a motel makes it clear that they mean FAGs and not FAQs. Story starts with a runaway from Colorado, India, who comes to Hollywood where he can be the gay person he wants to be. He starts making money as a porn star but gets dodged when it comes to money. On his way back , he is ambushed by two gay bashers and is saved by Destiny, a flamboyant drag queen. Destiny earns India's respect and he gets invited to live with Destiny in her small apartment, a place she shares with other gay people in need. Lesbian Girl Lester is one of them.Destiny sets down rules of the house: no drugs, be careful of straights, spend two hours a day naked in respect for your body, always use condoms, etc. Soon India meets Spencer. another homeless guy whom he gets attracted to and he also starts living with Destiny. Spencer and India soon fall in love.

India and Spencer decide to find the gay bashers from whom Destiny took their jacket. The jacket had one of the guys Guy address on it. After initial inhibitions, they go but when they confront Guy, India senses Guy's sexual confusions and soon India makes Guy realize that its ok to be gay and he should accept himself for what he is. Guy leaves his room mate and the three return to Destiny's ever growing 'family'. Ultimately the other basher also realizes how much he loves Guy and cannot live with him. Its shown very well the way the other basher realizes his love for guy and how he has to fight with his inner turmoil to accept what he is.

There is quite a bot of frontal nudity in the film but its done with class. A few love making scenes between India and Spencer are pretty nice. Towards the end they also show how Spencer even though he loves India, cannot accept that fact because he is afraid to be left alone and be hurt. The performances of the actors was pretty decent. I liked the drag queen's role best. India was very very cute. I thought he is not more than 18-19 year old maybe.

A decent watch. No specific message, it doesn't preach but it doesn't leave you bored and wanting for more either. (6.5/10)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Los Jornaleros (english n spanish) [Day Laborers]

Now this movie was something that turned out to be not as bad as I expected after I read its reviews online.I could totally see what these guys were going through. How much pains and what all a person has to go through to survive in a foreign country. In strict terms , this wasn't a gay movie except that one of the lead characters turn out to be gay. But I must say that even that portion is handled very sensitively.

3 cousins Tura, Pilo and Quique don't like it anymore in Mexico. They want to earn money so they decide to move up north to LA. heir Uncle Giberto lives in LA and they hope that uncle will be bale to help them out. To start an earning, they become day laborers and start working on daily wages. Then the movie just focuses on how these 3 brothers survive their daily ordeal, their dreams, their family. Tura meets a girl Maria on one such day. The 4 men realize that the girl has nowhere to go and so she also starts living with them and consequently falling on love with Tura.Pilo meanwhile meets a drug dealer who used to be a daily wage earner like them and now smuggles drugs. Even though everyone stops him, he leaves house and joins this drug business. Quique meanwhile is very confused about his sexuality. He meets a handsome art gallery owner but hesitates when he makes a move. Ultimately he accepts what he is and leaves his uncle's home to be with him. NO one like the art gallery owner.

A series of events lead to Quique being shot because of drug dealing done by Pilo. He is hospitalized where all these men meet again. They realize that the guy truly loves Quique and their perception changes. Ultimately hey all accept what they are. In the climax they show that since the men are together now, because of the hard work they have now started to hire daily workers and treat them well.

A very nice movie with decent acting by the characters, I like it a lot because I had no expectations. By the way, this movie was half in English and half Spanish. (6/10)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Get A Life

Don't even get swayed by the tagline "I want a straight lover who is gay just for me". 5 minutes into the movie and I was wondering what the heck is this movie. I am still asked to even tell someone that what a crappy movie I saw. What I fail to understand is that what was the intention behind making such a movie and then to top it, mislead people by putting in taglines which will make people flock to rent DVD and watch it.

I want to tell the story but there is not even a story in the movie. Jamie meets a curious bisexual at a sleazy book store where both of them are frequent visitors. The store gets raided once and Jamie ends up being with an old man Hal. The two who used to hate each other (Hal used to steal all Jamie's hot tricks in the bookstore) become the closest of friends and decide that there is an alternative to gay life. Ultimately its just shown how Jamie keeps experimenting and looking for that ideal guy in his life whom he ultimately finds out to be as one of his co-workers at the mechanic shop whom he always thought was straight.

Movie had bad production, awful acting. Don't even think of wasting any time watching this movie. Its bad..bad..bad. (1/10)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Butch Camp

This has to be one of the most funniest movies in the recent times that I have seen. And the humor is all very subtle. Its hidden in the performances of the lead characters, the way they speak, the language they use and their body mannerism. As the title suggests this movie is about a closeted young gay man Matt who is fed up with being pushed around and signs up for "Butch Camp", a macho-training boot camp run by a very butch lesbian. But there is more to this story.

Matt working in a bank is a closet gay who is no very butch and is fed up. He is also lonely and scared of loving. He doesn't accept what he wants with his life and just drags on. As a part of one of the exercises of the BUtch Camp, he goes to a starlight bar and meets a Janet who finds him sexually very attractive. He meets her then boyfriend Rod too through her. They hang out a couple of times and the fun begins of how Janet is after Matt and how at some point Rod thinks he is attracted to Matt. Matt can see ho ROd wants to be together with him but is scared to accept the realities of life and drives him away. But alls well that ends well.

On paper, this looks very ordinary but believe me, this one is hilarious. Matt uses a language which is very high profile words rather than plain simple English and the way he talks and his timing is just perfect. I could not control laughing. They way he reacts to his gay friend's comments, it was hilarious. Rod on the other side was very cute and added a bit of reality on the entire movie. I wish they had concentrated more on the Rod-Matt relationship. But that's totally my view because I am a sucker for relationship based movies.

But still overall it was a funny movie and I would strongly recommend it to people. (7/10)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Third Man Out

This is the first gay themed movie in crime/thriller genre that I saw and I must admit that I was very impressed with the movie in its entirety. This movie too like most of the gay based movies talk about just gay issues but this one handled the whole situation in a very gripping n interesting way. Oh and how can I forget to mention that our man Donald Strachey was sooooooooooo hot n cute. I just kept looking at him. Plus he acted well.

This is a detective story set in Albany, New York with a number of twists and turns. Detective Strachey is a gay man, well adjusted, living with his wholesome and tender partner Timmy who works for a senator. The action involves a gay activist John Rutka, with a penchant for outing political figures who are either closet cases or who don't have anything positive to say or do for the gay community. Rutka lives with a healthy life partner Eddie, and the two seem targeted for death by apparent candidates for Rutka's next outing computer magazine. Rutka engages Strachey to protect but both Donald and Timmy have reservations because they think that Rutka disrupts closeted men's lives too ruthlessly. Eventually he takes on the case when it is declared that Rutka is dead. After a series of events and twists, he solves the whole mystery behind Ruka's death only to be finally confronted by a shock in the movie climax which I am not revealing here.

This being my first gay crime movie, I think I liked it quite a bit. It got confusing personally for me at times but still it held my attention and had interesting twists to it. (6.5/10)

Kiss Me, Guido

Warren, a small time actor has an extra room in his apartment after his lover moves out. He is also five months behind his rent. His friend Terry goes ahead and puts an ad in newspaper saying GWM needs a room mate etc etc. In comes Franky, a 'straight as you can get' Italian pizza baker who just has been cheated by his girlfriend with his brother. Franky decided to move out of his parent's place and sees that ad. He wrongly thinks that GWM stands for Guy With Money and goes to meet Warren.

Around the same time Warren's ex comes back asking Warren to play a role in his drama. Warren asks Franky to act his new boyfriend so that he can make his ex jealous. Giving into circumstances that Franky doesn't have a place to live and not much money too, he gives in and helps out Warren. On the final day Warren hurts his leg and Franky who is an aspiring actor after much coaxing agrees to do the play This play situation is quite funny in the movie. Ultimately the movie just ends with beginning of a beautiful friendship between Warren and Franky.

The lead characters acted pretty decent Warren had cute dimples and Franky looked hot. The movie has reference to why Franky is referred to Guido ( Italian jock wearing chains who is bossy). Franky was very cute. The scenes whenever Terry comes in picture are hilarious. He acts so gay that it just trickles your funny bone. The whole scenes with Franky's rather and Warren landlady were just useless and did not invoke any laughter. Franky's mom had just a coupe of scenes but I found them quite funny. In fact the whole family was kind of wacho.

With a few laughs here and there, it was a very watchabale one and a half hour movie which definitely does not bore you at all. (6/10)