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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Long Term Relationship

Glenn is tired of one night stands and is looking for something meaningful in life. He has his group of friends and they hang out together. He answers to an ad in newspaper put in by Adam who is looking for LTR. Glenn answers it and the guys start going out together. They seem to be completely into each other and look perfect until one day Adam tells Glenn something about him. (Now this was the most funny scene for me in the movie). Anyways, issues keep coming one after the other but both of them look forward to making the relationship work. With all odds creepipng in, they finally manage to be together with support of their friends and close ones.

Overall I found the movie was funny and romantic. Considering the fact that it was made on a low budget, this one turned out to be a good treat. Both the lead actors I thought were very good looking and made a good couple. It was a little cliched to show Glenn's straight girlfriend supporting him at all times but then I guess every gay guy has his fag hag. :) Glenn's room mate Vincent was the cutest. Special mention for Glenn's friend Eli. He was particularly funny in the movie. I couldn't stop laughing everytime he was on screen.

I would recommend it for suckers of romantic movies with touch of comedy. (7.5/10)

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